Saturday, March 31, 2007

The biggest April Fools of All- Earth Hour

This Earth Hour thing- a joke.
A PR stunt if you will.

In Sydney, on Saturday night, there was some Earth Hour mission- everyone was to turn off all their lights, an other various electrical deivces, for an hour at 7.30pm.
I wasn't sure if singing of Kumbaya was obligiatory or not.

The view from The Connaught apartment building in Liverpool Street over the Cenotaph and Hyde Park during Earth Hour. Link

Leading up to it, I was actually excited. I was thinking the city is going to look mad in darkness.
But, thinking about it a little bit more, I realised a couple of things:
  • Candles actually emit more gases etc, than special environmental light globes
  • The savings both financially and at power stations is minimal, actually negligible
  • Driving- are you meant to turn your headlights off?
  • Council streetlights cannot be turned off
  • The number of robberies to occur within that hour
  • How smart would you be if you are the ONLY building in the city with your lights and signage still on?
  • Swans were playing at the SCG. Those lights are bright, enough to damage any effort.

The whole thing was a joke. I'm not impressed. So who has been had Sydney?? You all have. Yes it's great to get the kids involved, but in all seriousness it was more of an initial great idea where most of the kinks and issues weren't clearly thought out. I've just read that they plan to make this ridiculousness an annual event! Time to go back to the drawing board methinks.

And another random thought I had over the weekend...I was driving behind some bloody slowcoach. He stops in the middle of the road to do a reverse park. No indicator, no nothing. I needed at that point, automatic windows so I could wind it down and question his lack of indicator usage.
I'm a manual girl, both in transmission and windows, I suffered the loss. Not worth the effort to lean over and wind it down....

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Arrested Development are a bunch of cool grandpas

Oooh, last night was so much fun. I saw Arrested Development. They are all so much older, but the coolest grandpas I've ever met.

I've attached some pics and a video (which I wasn't meant to take, but it's a short sample).
It was an MTV initiative, so I thought I would teach those fuckers at Viacom a lesson! I read what David Hyman said on Boing Boing and thought I would contribute. We were told no photography and no videos or you get kicked out. One Love didn't seem to mind. He loved it.

Also in the middle of the stage- one of the grandpas, I don't know which one, was just sitting on a couch. Dancing. Sitting ona couch moving his head and hands to the beat. That was it. I took a pic of him. Someone know his name?

I just can't believe how old they have all become. Onelove is trendy, he is pretty cool with his sunglasses, tracksuit and his demeanor, but then, he has this little gray moustache! It's wierd.

But they were great, we were so close and it was a lot of fun. Free booze helped and I was well pissed about an hour into it.

Wierdest thing of the night...On wednesday night I watched this dumb game show for 10 minutes. I never really watch TV these days. Object of the game show is to con the ohter contestants you are doing really well, and they don't know your score. This guy Stewart, was very funny. He was very honest and basically said he was doing shithouse the entire time. For ten minutes I was obsessed with him. Come Thursday, he was at Arrested Development. We had photos, we sussed him out- we thought he was a plant. He was probably so chuffed by our reaction. I'm feel kind of nice I stretched his 15minutes of fame...

Me and Stewie- he likes to stick his hands infront of people's faces

So check out my pics and my video.

Myself and OneLove

Unfortunate miscommunications

Last night, something terrible happened in the harbour. A ferry crashed into a boat, the boat disintegrated. 3 people died, one woman lost a leg and a 14 year old girl is still missing. It turns out they are all from the ice skating community.
Coming in on the ferry this morning there was a helicopter searching for the 14 year old girl, boats cordoning off the area.

No one really knew what was going on. Someone on the ferry told me what was happening.

Then, I get off the ferry. There is a Channel 9 crew just standing there. They have the producer, the cameraman and the are just stnading around. Kicking their feet around. Then, the journalist turns to me as I walk past and he asks:
"Excuse you know what happened last night"?

I looked at him, slightly confused. A little bit perplexed. Vexed even:
"Well, aren't you meant to tell me that? You are the news, right?"

A new low channel 9. I recommend from now you start reading my blog.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The loophole in the Youtube

I love YouTube as much as the next person.
There is some great stuff on there.
These are some of my faves:
Ask a Ninja
Chad Vader
Star Trek as Kens and Barbies

Sometimes I even get to see some fun Viacom stuff that some nice person has put up there. It's the user revolution gone mad.
Then when I think I want to send it on, maybe one or 2 days later, Viacom has instructed youTube to take it down. It really pisses me off.

More so because there has been some niggling thought at the back of my brain. The only way to keep these on YouTube is to tag them and title them with some code name. There is no way the monitors at YouTube will be able to discover what is what. The magnitude of videos uploaded is way too many.

So my idea is to create a decoder website. You upload your banned video on youTube with an entitled code, then you go to some other wesbite and submit the code and it's decoded counterpart.
When a viewer wants to see banned content, they enter the real tag of the video they want to find on YouTube and the site gives you the YouTube code.

Obviously I forsee people finding out where the site is- so we have to keep it moving. Like that Seinfeld episode where George thinks that the beautiful people create clubs in empty warehouses, then move the location so the regular plebs can't find them out.

Or...maybe this is all too complicated and you could just create some small site which holds all this banned content, but it wouldn't be on YouTube and then where would the fun be in that?

Sunday, March 25, 2007

A certified moron

I am a moron. There is no doubt about it.

Firstly, I got home on Saturday night. Was a big night out. Big. Mandaly music is OK, but the room is small, narrow and over heated.
When I got home, I was hungry, so I took out some Salami stuff. Big knife, BIGGER salami.
I sliced my finger AGAIN. Same finger and everything.
A bit sore. An ugly knife. Bad quality, so my the cut is quite jagged. And it hurts, a lot.

Secondly- I've finished watching all of Grey's Anatomy, Season 3. I got or the DVDs in Thailand. Last week I saw episode 12, the last one.......or so I thought! Season 2 had 27 episodes! There are soooo many more I need to see!
The feeling of being complete- I'm ahead, everyone else is a slave to their television and I've ticked that To Do off my list. Now, NOW, I'm back to the drawing board and it sucks.
If anyone goes to Thailand, i wanna know. I need to get the rest of Grey's on DVD. I shall pay you.

I also think Indian Mynas are "Little crows" (and I thought it was spelt Minor)
It's not like anyone I know actually knows what they are called. To me they look like crows, just little versions, so they are little crows. A no brainer really. So when I commented on the cute "Little crow" I got laughed all the way into certified moron-ness.

I can't attribute it to the magazines, because I stopped reading them when I got back form Thailand, they rot my brain. And after I dropped 5 IQ points, had blackouts, it was time to let it all go.

Now I don't mind this moronic behaviour that much- it gets laughs. I just want to stop injuring myself.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

This is NOT a good idea

Today, I went for an ice cream run. It's always fun and it lifts the spirits.

I was not expecting to encounter this:

Outside the ANZ on Pitt St was this horrible statue thing. The person in it moved like a robot. Goddam freaky. Those things are not pleasant to look at. They are hideous! Especially when someone at ANZ has picked up some street performed from Circular Quay and then handed them an ANZ apron and said:
"Here, just do your thang, but wear this whilst your doing it...What's your hourly rate? $4 an hour? We'll double it!"

I was greatly disturbed. The person was so skinny so I couldn't tell if it was entirely real at first. I moved up close and it pounced on me. I went in to complain. Those things just aren't right.

We (Ms Moig and I), went inside to complain:
Me: Excuse me, that THING outside, it just isn't right. It's scaring people.
Lady in ANZ: Oh yes, you've seen it.
Ms Moig: Yeah, I'm a client of ANZ and if I wasn't I wouldn't join
Lady: We just want people to notice us.
Me: Are you serious? That's a GREAT marketing strategy. Who came up with that doozie?

So ANZ, I hope you're googling and technorating yourself since you've implemented this because it is a travesty.

And as we left, Moig screamed out to the statue "Freak", I warned it not to move on me and Moig cleverly commented that if they wanted people to notice them, why not just put out a bunch of people shooting up crack. That would surely get people noticing them.

This social networking thing doesn't bang my drum

As an observer of media and how people use it, I decided to get my tuchus on to facebook. I'm also on YouTube, Digg, Mog, mySpace (for viewing purposes only, I hate my Space), Blogger, Flickr, Multiply, IMDb, Amazon, eBay, Delicious, BlogShares, Koolanoo (the jewish myspace) and the list goes on.
Coupled with my 4 various email addresses, the profiles I keep for anonymity and 3 online bank accounts - I have so many user identities and profiles, it is a wonder I can keep track of all the passwords.

I've also been playing this online matchmaking game. I'm a love god who has to match up couples. I can break up other players couples, and i can make some of my guests hotter. It's a lot of fun and the end prize is a holiday for a week somewhere in QLD or something. I'm not going to win, but I'm helping someone out who is ranked 1. It is a bit of fun- but it's a lot of effort. Every day I have to feed this thing- take my couples out on dates, make the whingers hotter. It's becoming more of a hassle.

The same with Facebook. You have to nurture your profile like a little seed. Day after day continue to nurture it and add things. It just eats away time and don't see the purpose. I only want my close friends to see what I'm doing and even then, if it's that important they know, I'll call them or they will be doing whatever it is with me.

And the randoms! Give me strength to handle the randoms. Who are these people that want to be friends with me? If I haven't spoken to you in the last 5 years (at least) there is probably a reason. I don't think things are going to be any easier in the digital realm. I'm pretty sure we won't speak there either.
In the beginning I had some guilt. I let people in. Since I woke up to this ridiculousness, I've removed people. I've declined some requests. I don't mind. I don't want you knowing about my daily activities. And if I don't know you, I don't know you. Digital will fortunately keep that same status, it's virtual.

So, I think I'm giving up Facebook. The incessant updates into my email are annoying. The blog thing is ok. It's simple, self explanatory and if you're into it, you keep coming. Otherwise you leave it for a while. I don't really need to know and that's kind of the way I like it.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Heeled thrice, sore legs and a headached from hell

Oh, last night was fun. Dan and Rachelle Silver's wedding. Awesome.
So much dancing, so much alcohol. You can't go wrong.

I got 3 stiletto heels planted in my feet- fantastic. Nothing gets the blood flowing like that.
Highlights included:
  • Vodka shots being handed out on the dancefloor.
  • A boat from chuppah to reception
  • Some of the most excellent displays of the Hora I have ever seen. Nothing better than a speedster hora. I could only handle the pain in my feet if I was dancing.
  • Brilliant cocktails
  • One hot bartender and a couple of hot bridesmaids
  • The presence of one Gila Levitan
  • Having great times with great mates (all except silly Roni Guralnek who couldn't make it).

All in all a top TOP night. Thanks Rachelle and Dan. Awesome.

And I think from now I am inflicting a NO BLACK rule. No one is alllowed to wear black anymore. I can't tell who is who and it gets boring.

a big wedding, when even the dog gets dressed up
this is what happens when you try look cool and end up looking like a total dickhead.
i love having to crouch. It gets more fun every time

Sweaty bride. Awesome.

Oh, soo pissed at this point. Love it

Extreme close up

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Geeze Louise, Leo Sayer!

So last night I had a massively boozey night. Went to some MTV battle of the bands. Garnier was there doing crazy ass things to people's hair. If you did it, you got a free pack of all these products.

I sat in the chair. I wanted products. But I don't exactly have the type of hair that lends itself to an Elvis quiff as they were doing to every bloody person in the room.
So I sat down in from of the most senior looking stylist. He was old, gay, fat and bald. He had on this little sharp glasses with black rims. He was scary looking. He almost looked like one of those shrunken head people- massive body and tiny little head.
I said to him "Are you going to work with my hair or are you going to some crazy ass shit that doesn't suit me?"
He got ticked off and asked me if I was going to be arrogant or just sit in the chair.
Touche to him. Not a bad effort.
But I got up and left. The strain was too hard.

I did get a pack in the end, so if anyone wants hair product I can give you some.

On the way home, I was starving, so I stopped off to get something. Who should I bump into AGAIN? The one and the only Mr Leo Sayer. He is so cute and little. I think I scared him a tad though. I told him how I had seen him a couple of months ago - at Harris Farm. Next to the pineapples. I told him we stalked him. I was plastered at the time of saying this.
He replied "Oh yes, the pineapples" like he knew what I was talking about. I never said anything to him at Harris Farm so it's not like he can remember.
He slowly backed away. I would too. He had a nice little car.
He is so funny.

But, had I known he had been on the Muppets, I would have had a lot more exciting conversation than bloody pineapples. I love the muppets.