Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Thought for the Day

Don't you love it when a 40+ says something is "Cool":
  1. Like they mean it? and
  2. Like they know what it means?

Sunday, September 18, 2005

My life has infact turned into a Sex and the City Season

This weekend, I went to Trapeze school. So yep- in the photo, that is me!

A few weeks ago I went on a ferry with 3 other girls into the city and who knows what else is going on in a Sex and the City framework?!

It's getting a bit eerie.

When the SATC name associations were going around, I got labelled Samantha because I'm the tall one and apparently so is she.

Everyone says it isn't for the other reasons...we 'know' it's not for the other reasons.

But Trapeze school was bloody fun. I think I am a bit scared of those things, but you let the fear wash over you and just go for it.

I didn't quite make it to a catch, but considering I could never do cartwheels as a kid -something about not being able to get my ass above my head, I did OK. Doing backflips off the bar was pretty cool.

My muscles are aching now, I wasn't as scared as the moron carrie, and I definitely want to go back and do it again!

For more pics go here

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


[Middle English chois, from Old French, from choisir, to choose, from Vulgar Latin *causre, of Germanic origin. See geus- in Indo-European Roots.]

[New Latin, from Greek asphuxi, stopping of the pulse : a-, not; see a-1 + sphuxis, heartbeat (from sphuzein, sphug-, to throb).]

I'm patenting this baby.

For a long time now I have been consumed with this feeling of walking into a supermarket, a Music store, a clothing store- anywhere and being bombarded with an array of choices that are all virtually identical.

It is a vomit of choice.

A vomit of choice of which I am terribly afraid.

None of it really fits what I am after and I am too impatient to look into each choice in detail to work out which one is best for me.

This feeling is called choiceasphyxia.

Pick up on it- take note of it. You are going to hear this term being knocked around!

Monday, September 05, 2005

Being a woman, is not rosy. Being a Guy, means being lazy

Waxing, plucking, tweezing and then there are periods.
All guys have to do is shave, and then they can choose not to do that.

I’m as much as sick of this topic as the rest of you are. But I need to get some shite off my chest.

I have decided a couple of things recently:

1. Maintenance V Dating Costs

Due to all the maintenance I conduct on my body, for my personal well being, my confidence and to make myself desirable to the opposite sex, I have decided no more me offering to pay for anything. Forget it.

Maintenance includes:

    • Waxing
    • Facials
    • Ginseng Bath House outings
    • Jogging
    • Weight training
    • Pilates
    • Make up costs
    • Clothing costs
    • Keeping myself educated on art and culture costs

And you know what?! It's not like I should have to justify this anyway. Guys have been wooing women for centuries. Because of some fucking women libbers in the 70's my dating life has turned into a whirlwind of confusion. Men aren't sure what to do anymore when once the rule book was so freaking easy. Guy ask girl out, girl says yes, guy pays.

2. Sluts and trollops making free sex seem ok.

Who said that in order to retain a guy's attention you need to sleep with him??
Who made the rule that you should sleep with someone after the first, second, sixth or eighth date?

Why is it that girls thought they now have to do ALL the work, reinforcing the fact that guys now have to do even less- AND at the same time they make it ok for guys to push women around with no repercussions?

I make my choices for me. Not because society dictates what is acceptable, because it fits with my lifestyle and my level of comfort.

Most people are sheep. They follow what society tells them is OK. Most people get by every day without even having to fuse one brain cell together with another.

I work in advertising; I see it all the time. Marketers think they are so removed from the consumer world, they never stop to think what they like or don’t like being subjected to and rely on ratings- Newsflash people- Ratings aren’t even real. It’s total bullshit.

I digress.

Point is:
Men- Step up to the plate and put some effort out there. Work hard for the money.
Ladies: Please don’t put out so soon. It makes my life more difficult.

3. Time to think outside the Box.
Recently I encountered what I thought was a really cool guy. He was pretty hot, he was up with pop culture, he seemed to be able to take care of himself, and he seemed to be able to know how to ask me out.

However, there was one thing on his mind and one thing only- punani and lots of it.

On our first date he revealed that he expected to ‘get lucky’. I was shocked. This guy hardly knew me, not to mention what sort of effort had he given to my cause? Not very much.

On the next date he tried to convince me on why it would be a good reason to sleep with him.

Unfortunately for his sake- I have a brain. I also have an opinion. I wish I could also say here- I can spot a tosser a mile away- but I wasted 2 dates on him.

What I do want to know is- what makes a guy have the audacity to strut around like this?

No consideration for anyone but himself.

Someone please tell me things ain’t this bad. Do nice guys still exist?

But pity….nice guys always finish last…