Thursday, March 29, 2007

Unfortunate miscommunications

Last night, something terrible happened in the harbour. A ferry crashed into a boat, the boat disintegrated. 3 people died, one woman lost a leg and a 14 year old girl is still missing. It turns out they are all from the ice skating community.
Coming in on the ferry this morning there was a helicopter searching for the 14 year old girl, boats cordoning off the area.

No one really knew what was going on. Someone on the ferry told me what was happening.

Then, I get off the ferry. There is a Channel 9 crew just standing there. They have the producer, the cameraman and the are just stnading around. Kicking their feet around. Then, the journalist turns to me as I walk past and he asks:
"Excuse you know what happened last night"?

I looked at him, slightly confused. A little bit perplexed. Vexed even:
"Well, aren't you meant to tell me that? You are the news, right?"

A new low channel 9. I recommend from now you start reading my blog.

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Anonymous said...

you are a classic!