Monday, August 06, 2007

Back to basics- some random thinkings

So I was in a meeting the other day. One of the early morning kind. One of the stingy kind where they don't even supply breakfast.
We were talking in the meeting about the usual buzz words, playing WIP bingo and then someone comes out with the doozie "As we all know: Content is King"

Content is king??!
I just don't get it. Where did this nonsensical phrase came from?
It kind of reminds me of the time I heard "It will be seamless integration with heavy branding"...


Why isn't it "Content is the bomb" : or "content gets my rocks off", the king reference just doesn't do anything for me.
I think I'm going to start collecting dollars for every time I hear the phrase "Content is King" for the advertising/media year of 2007.
I have a little pig money collection jar. I should fill it easy.

I've encountered this for a while, but never blogged it.
When I go out for breakfast, and order toast, what right does the cook/chef/bitch have to butter my toast??
Personally I don't like the butter to melt into the toast. I hate that. I like the butter to just rest on the top. That requires that the toast must cool down a little before application.
It actually pisses me off.
A lot.
It is such a personal activity, I don't know why cafes continue to be so ballsy with this. However, next time I will remember and will not allow them to butter my toast... OR...dump the eggs on top of the toast so that the toast resembles a mooshy lump completely removed from the whole idea of toast. Who comes up with this shit?

(Blog Erat Demonstrandum)

(great name for a blog, if anyone takes this, I shoot them!)