Wednesday, August 24, 2005

To Wedge or not to Wedge

I have come to the conclusion that there is some warehouse full of cork and twine.
Well, the cork thing probably isn’t true; I hear there is a shortage. Nevertheless, this cork and twine had one purpose- to be the base of wedge platforms in the 70’s. This was a short lived exercise. Fads die and wedges are ugly.

But the issue remains that there is a huge push for wedges ‘this season” (as Sophie Darling/Dahling would say) and they still remain ugly.

Fucking ugly.

So, some Wedge Sheik has decided to offload his liability and contracted all designers to impose this apparent fashionable item on fashion victims around the world.

I have long thought that many trends should remain on fashion pages or highly stylized individuals looked after by professionals. It just isn’t possible for regular people to take on some of the ideas thought up by style gurus.

Compilations such as shorts, blazers, boots and fedoras cannot be worn outside of a fashion shoot.
Neither can the whole diluted Alannah Hill look be worn outside the store.

So it brings me back to Wedges. Ok, they might have a little potential, the ones without any platform and only wedge but, my worry is the fashion victims. The risk remains that these people will invariably do it erroneously.

Do I want to be subjected to the visual abuse of seeing a frumpy chick just doing it all totally wrong?

I think not.