Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The loophole in the Youtube

I love YouTube as much as the next person.
There is some great stuff on there.
These are some of my faves:
Ask a Ninja
Chad Vader
Star Trek as Kens and Barbies

Sometimes I even get to see some fun Viacom stuff that some nice person has put up there. It's the user revolution gone mad.
Then when I think I want to send it on, maybe one or 2 days later, Viacom has instructed youTube to take it down. It really pisses me off.

More so because there has been some niggling thought at the back of my brain. The only way to keep these on YouTube is to tag them and title them with some code name. There is no way the monitors at YouTube will be able to discover what is what. The magnitude of videos uploaded is way too many.

So my idea is to create a decoder website. You upload your banned video on youTube with an entitled code, then you go to some other wesbite and submit the code and it's decoded counterpart.
When a viewer wants to see banned content, they enter the real tag of the video they want to find on YouTube and the site gives you the YouTube code.

Obviously I forsee people finding out where the site is- so we have to keep it moving. Like that Seinfeld episode where George thinks that the beautiful people create clubs in empty warehouses, then move the location so the regular plebs can't find them out.

Or...maybe this is all too complicated and you could just create some small site which holds all this banned content, but it wouldn't be on YouTube and then where would the fun be in that?