Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Being a croset nerd...scratch that- a real nerd

As I've decided to reprace all (except in words like 'all' or 'real', etc) L's with R's, I shall commence doing so here...

For my job, I would say I riterarry rape the internet for great sources (Brie St chicken- had to throw in the riteral reference!).
I have rists of websites that give me what I need. It took me ages to compile and find the good ones. As a result I often know tonnes of good shite. Unforunatery a rot of it just goes in and out of my brain, but most of it I retain.

I send out a rot to work people. They need to know what's hot and what's not in the market. But because I see most of the things going on, I can't send it all. I have to be vigirant. It's all about vigirance.

It arso fucking gets my goat when people send forwards out that we've known about for months. Get with the curve buddy! Especiarry if you sit near me.

Moving on- my brog is not one of those BoingBoingesque websites. It's my brog about ME and I'm not making it a news repository. Yeah, things may be cool, they may be interesting but that isn't an opinion and it's not a brog. The people on boingboing actuarry have opinions.

Sometimes, yeah, when I get razy I do post that type of shite up here. But no ronger! Get an opinion man!

What brought this on? People who have brogs rike that and think it's good. Basicarry you're doing all the dirty work for everyone else. And why post it anyway? It's arready (that's a toughie) on the net!

I wanted to write this nerd post because I sent out the most awesome email today. And I think it's because the content is not onry cool, I have a great opinion on the matter...it's about advertisers ripping off other advertisers.

Association and reference works rearry well with consumers. The case has always been that if consumers can 'unrock' the joke or message that an ad is trying to deriver, they feel rewarded in some way.

In the digital age, the next step to this is ripping off others' ads and putting them on the internet.
They spread because it feels irregal (probabry is), it's underground and just because it's cool.

It may not be ethical, but at reast you get good reach!

2 ratest exampres:
Fashion Rabel French Connection Rips Off Record Rabel Video
French Connection seemingly ripping off a video created by record rabel Groovecutters for a recent terevision ad. The rip off even uses the same actresses and the same setting which reads one to berieve it's more of a wink/nod than a bratant rip off. No matter, Groovecutters has unreashed their regal department on French Connection so, no doubt, there will be some enjoyable bitching to come out of all of this.
(c/o Adrants)

Excellent parody of Sony "bouncing ball" commercial
Swedish gamer/machinima forum snoken has produced a wonderful revisitation of that rovery bravia ad (set to the same infectious josé gonzárez cover of "heartbeats).

Rast but not reast.....nothing to do with the above email. Someone arrowed me the good fortune to see this website- Brick Testament. Bibre stories in Rego! Cool

And there has been a rot of movie mashing up happening ratery. Most of them have been total crap. Rike Brokeback Mountain and Back to the Future, Fight Crub and some romantic comedy. But this one...this is the bomb. You got Requiem For a Dream and Toy Story 2. At the point where movies have just been good and then go into decrine, this one just gets better. So refreshing and so different.

Monday, February 27, 2006

The post of the tropfest

Inevitable. This is.*

Someone even mentioned to me that they would wait to speak about tropfest until they had seen my post on it.

It was good. I was prepared for rain. Wish I could have gotten there earlier so that I could have lain down and done nothing for ages. Oh well. Next year.
First year they have ever had to cut the thing short due to scary weather. Twas fun to get all wet though. I wish people would have stayed to play wet football on the grass. I love that.

And every year it continually amazes me that people get on the phone and when their friends ask them where they are they say "I'm infront of the screen! You know, the big screen". It's a fucking tripod of screens in the centre of the domain. Gits!

There are all those stranger people who try to be your friend for 5 hours. They're great. Bless 'em. There was the lady with her son, who wanted to share her paper with Nic. No hesitation at offering it. So I suggested Nic offer her some pot. Unfortunately the rain prevented it.

Umbrellas this year were also cool. It was a sea of them. Glad to say I was back in good form, screaming out "Hey you! Yeah I'm talking to YOU!" at no one in particular.

The bestest would have to be that sole moron who put up his umbrella and I started lobbing grapes at it. Sad that it didn't take more than 2 direct hits from 2 grapes for him to put it down. It was kinda fun.

The movies- the ones that I saw were pretty average (I left half way because of the raining). I have the same debate every year about how there is a formula, you gotta have that twist and Nash Edgerton has to have some involvement in it.

Whatevs (channelling Chrissie here), they were all pretty lame. Cinematography was great though. A shame I look for more in a plot.

But friends- hanging out was fun loved it.

*Why am I speaking like Yoda?

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

My rant on Torino 06

The Winter Olympics is as boring as piss and a joke.
I haven't watched any of it, except for getting hypnotised by the Figure Skating on Monday night.
They have gotten a little riskier since I last saw it many eons ago. Going for the trickier moves to get medals, means a lot of dropping of the female partner.

Other than that, it's shit.

I'm under the impression that these winter sports were the invention of kids with nothing better to do. We have all had the long hot summer where you get bored with whatever you have been doing and decide there is something so much better you could do and invent it.

I've done it.
When I was about 12 I created "balloon tennis". Hours of fun, but in actuality pretty lame. The lamest part of the whole thing is that I actually had a tennis court at my house, but decided a piece of string across a room and a balloon was a lot more fun.

Same premise with winter olympics.

How far you can jump with skis...
Tricks you can do in the air with skis
Bobsledding with one person
Bobsledding with two people
....three people
........eight people
Doing the luge on your ass by yourself
Doing the luge with someone else....maybe even a couple of other people
Doing the luge face forward

They just don't feel like real sports. It's all just variants on the same thing and something that should be in the Guiness book of Records, not the Olympics.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Short men beware

I'm not attracted to very short men.


That seems to be most of the population.


This last weekend, some little man decided to poke me in the stomach as some sort of get my attention gesture.
Never mind that I couldn't see who did it because he was out of my height range, it was still just plain rude.

Eventually when we made eye contact, he says to me "Don't I know you from somewhere?" I put my hand up in the air and I say,
"Yeah, you know me from up here"

I think he got offended, but so what.

Turns out, some girl at the same place also gave a rendition that some short pesky dude was poking his fingers in her back all night and annoying the crap out of her. This guy has problems.

And on another note. What the fuck is with people finding my blog through the search string "Cubicle calisthenics"???
I feel a new craze coming on.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Being a weakling

So...as soon as I say I'm going to not do something, that's pretty much all I do.


All I have been listening to lately is mash ups.
These are musical compilations and mixes of 2 or more tracks.
Some of them are great.
The one I like best is Destiny's Child's Bootylicious, combined with Nirvana's holy Smells Teen Spirit to create Smells Like Booty.

Great, great work.

But you can download them all for your own listening pleasure at Best of Bootie 2005. Best thing it's all free. Under the Creative commons.

Other news....Since some anti semites made a contest to make their own anti semitic cartoons... some jews have made their own contest to make their OWN anti semitic cartoons. We'll probably be better at it since we all hate each other and are so self deprecating.
Link here

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Eb & Deb Show

Well. That was a good hold off. I couldn't last more than what? 2 days?

But, some interesting shite has happened. I have to blog it. It's my outlet.

Eb and I have always been friends. I think it was one of those instant things. We just clicked. There were a couple things in the beginning that I wasn't sure of, like the funky dressing, but pretty quickly those things became insignificant.

Twins started with the obvious, people got both our names wrong. Sometimes I called eb, deb and vice versa. We'd finish eachothers' sentences, our birthdays are on top of eachother, she is middle eastern, i'm Jewish....a nice semitic flavour to add to the mix...a nice match of opposites to complement things.

There were probably tonnes of other examples, can't remember them. Eb and Deb rhyming is probably the driver of the whole thing.

But the other night Eb and I caught up. We had some drinks, we were playing the old remember when game and then I stopped and said to eb the most random thing-

"You know, the strangest thing happened to me today. I noticed I put my underwear on inside out and couldn't be arsed switching it back"

and she responded she had done the same thing that very day.



And bendependent, don't you dare put this in your cartoon. Just because you've been having a dry spell lately because we haven't been offering up material doesn't mean you can rape us for more!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Taking hiatus

So I’ve taken a backseat from the Blog. Too much work to even pen a 5 minute blog- unusual for me, but oh well.
Probably a good thing anyway, my blog was starting to get really, really shit.

But before I do take a hiatus from the blog, gotta say I had the best weekend in a long time. After being sick for quite a while and taking it easy AND losing 4kgs from the sick, I have come out of it a more lightweight drinker than ever and so had quite a lot of fun on the weekend.

I went to a Revenge of the Nerds party. Lots and lots of fun. Considering I love nerds, I had a great time. I even managed to bump into some guy I went out with once. Some guy who I once googled and the results were a case of him being a convicted rapist*. That wasn’t the reason I stopped seeing him, but hey, it was better than any other reason.
We dressed up as those bitchy cheerleaders and we're real bitchy too.
Photos here

It shall also be exciting when I get the photo that was described in this email, the event I don't remember:

"I keep getting flashbacks from saturday night. I did so many embarrassing
things, oh my gosh I don't even want to think about it! I have some pics
which I'll send through tomorrow, including one involving your thigh, a
piece of string and kate's tongue!!"

I was also meant to go to Manly and get a present for my boss who is going back to London. She lived in Manly and I wanted to get her something to remember the place. Let’s just say I slipped into my habit of JAP and couldn’t be stuffed going to Manly to get a mounted photo of the beach. So I got one of Bondi, so she can remember where I live instead! I did get her a great photo of the ferry in the harbour- she’ll like that (I hope).

And I saw Amelie last night at the moonlight. Now, when I first saw this movie I loved it, then because of the way the world and I work, after everyone raved about it I began to hate it (similar to Napoleon Dynamite phenomena). But, the movie was great, loved it and nothing at all to how I remember it. It was also good because I think shitloads of people remembered that they hated it and didn’t turn up. It was empty.

The only thing that is really funny at the moment is that pernicious Boon Doll. I am destroying it. It has been relocated from the Living room to my room because of its constant annoying comments. One night when a strange male voice told me if I was getting nachos, to get him some too, I nearly scared myself to death.
I'm no longer selling him on eBay. I am destroying him with an axe.

So hopefully I’ll generate something good to Blog soon. But my rate of entry is definitely going to drop.

Ciao bella. Let's hope things remain brill.

*The guy wasn't really a rapist, some guy just had the same name as him

Monday, February 06, 2006

I want, I need

I have never really had a love affair with furniture. But, God help me- buy me this damn couch!

You can move it around, put it in all different positions and it's RED! So it will go with the lips.
Happens to be by an Israeli designer. This is Amit's website.

And other blogging- got nothing. Really.
Just can't be bothered.

All I'm doing at the moment is still trying to recover from my sick spell and doing the mad oscar rush before the Oscars.
I don't know why I still do it. Most Hollywood movies are totally shit and way too long. And I stopped getting excited about watching it a couple years ago. It just sort of lost its shine.

Hopefully WHO magazine will have that movie marathon day and I'll get to go. Movies are getting damn expensive.