Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Geeze Louise, Leo Sayer!

So last night I had a massively boozey night. Went to some MTV battle of the bands. Garnier was there doing crazy ass things to people's hair. If you did it, you got a free pack of all these products.

I sat in the chair. I wanted products. But I don't exactly have the type of hair that lends itself to an Elvis quiff as they were doing to every bloody person in the room.
So I sat down in from of the most senior looking stylist. He was old, gay, fat and bald. He had on this little sharp glasses with black rims. He was scary looking. He almost looked like one of those shrunken head people- massive body and tiny little head.
I said to him "Are you going to work with my hair or are you going to some crazy ass shit that doesn't suit me?"
He got ticked off and asked me if I was going to be arrogant or just sit in the chair.
Touche to him. Not a bad effort.
But I got up and left. The strain was too hard.

I did get a pack in the end, so if anyone wants hair product I can give you some.

On the way home, I was starving, so I stopped off to get something. Who should I bump into AGAIN? The one and the only Mr Leo Sayer. He is so cute and little. I think I scared him a tad though. I told him how I had seen him a couple of months ago - at Harris Farm. Next to the pineapples. I told him we stalked him. I was plastered at the time of saying this.
He replied "Oh yes, the pineapples" like he knew what I was talking about. I never said anything to him at Harris Farm so it's not like he can remember.
He slowly backed away. I would too. He had a nice little car.
He is so funny.

But, had I known he had been on the Muppets, I would have had a lot more exciting conversation than bloody pineapples. I love the muppets.


Eb said...

You also forgot to mention when you yelled, "Oi! I'm gonna write about you on my blog tomorrow" as he walked to his car.

Wisey said...

I didn't mention that for a reason. It increases my level of insanity.