Saturday, March 31, 2007

The biggest April Fools of All- Earth Hour

This Earth Hour thing- a joke.
A PR stunt if you will.

In Sydney, on Saturday night, there was some Earth Hour mission- everyone was to turn off all their lights, an other various electrical deivces, for an hour at 7.30pm.
I wasn't sure if singing of Kumbaya was obligiatory or not.

The view from The Connaught apartment building in Liverpool Street over the Cenotaph and Hyde Park during Earth Hour. Link

Leading up to it, I was actually excited. I was thinking the city is going to look mad in darkness.
But, thinking about it a little bit more, I realised a couple of things:
  • Candles actually emit more gases etc, than special environmental light globes
  • The savings both financially and at power stations is minimal, actually negligible
  • Driving- are you meant to turn your headlights off?
  • Council streetlights cannot be turned off
  • The number of robberies to occur within that hour
  • How smart would you be if you are the ONLY building in the city with your lights and signage still on?
  • Swans were playing at the SCG. Those lights are bright, enough to damage any effort.

The whole thing was a joke. I'm not impressed. So who has been had Sydney?? You all have. Yes it's great to get the kids involved, but in all seriousness it was more of an initial great idea where most of the kinks and issues weren't clearly thought out. I've just read that they plan to make this ridiculousness an annual event! Time to go back to the drawing board methinks.

And another random thought I had over the weekend...I was driving behind some bloody slowcoach. He stops in the middle of the road to do a reverse park. No indicator, no nothing. I needed at that point, automatic windows so I could wind it down and question his lack of indicator usage.
I'm a manual girl, both in transmission and windows, I suffered the loss. Not worth the effort to lean over and wind it down....

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