Wednesday, March 21, 2007

This is NOT a good idea

Today, I went for an ice cream run. It's always fun and it lifts the spirits.

I was not expecting to encounter this:

Outside the ANZ on Pitt St was this horrible statue thing. The person in it moved like a robot. Goddam freaky. Those things are not pleasant to look at. They are hideous! Especially when someone at ANZ has picked up some street performed from Circular Quay and then handed them an ANZ apron and said:
"Here, just do your thang, but wear this whilst your doing it...What's your hourly rate? $4 an hour? We'll double it!"

I was greatly disturbed. The person was so skinny so I couldn't tell if it was entirely real at first. I moved up close and it pounced on me. I went in to complain. Those things just aren't right.

We (Ms Moig and I), went inside to complain:
Me: Excuse me, that THING outside, it just isn't right. It's scaring people.
Lady in ANZ: Oh yes, you've seen it.
Ms Moig: Yeah, I'm a client of ANZ and if I wasn't I wouldn't join
Lady: We just want people to notice us.
Me: Are you serious? That's a GREAT marketing strategy. Who came up with that doozie?

So ANZ, I hope you're googling and technorating yourself since you've implemented this because it is a travesty.

And as we left, Moig screamed out to the statue "Freak", I warned it not to move on me and Moig cleverly commented that if they wanted people to notice them, why not just put out a bunch of people shooting up crack. That would surely get people noticing them.

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