Sunday, April 13, 2008

Back in the US of pie

I'm back.
Sydney was glorious.
Had horrendous jetlag. I totally fucked up my non jet lag strategy and got lumped with a week of no sleep. This is what happens when you get 4 seats to yourself. You spread yourself out. You lay down. You make the most of it.
So, the time I was meant to be awake, the last leg of trip, I was fast asleep. When I got back to New York in the afternoon, I screwed up the sleeping pattern for the rest of the week because I'd basically slept for 18 hours and was still on AU time.

Had a couple of other interesting experiences
  • The security guy in Australia was fantastic. I had some contraband in my hand luggage- a jar of some chilli paste and he let me take it through. He hid it under my jumper, cleared my bag and told me not to let anyone see because there were cameras and he would get in massive trouble. So awesome a security guy. I'm his biggest fan
  • Why did no one tell me you don't have to take your shoes off at security any more? I felt like such a 'tard.
  • I flirted and smiled with every security/airport person on the way through except one fucker in L.A. I was basically in transit and there's one guy checking 300 passports and tickets. It's irritating and inefficient. All these disabled people cut in front of me and I'm not impressed. I'm tired and just want to put my shizz down. When it's my turn, I don't even look at the guy, I just wait and he asks for another form of I.D. because my photo isn't clear enough. WHAT?! I've had my passport for 8 years, been around the world, and all of a sudden it isn't good enough for you! It just shows that flirting works.

In the end, I made it and thanks again Qantas for ripping my bags. We're going to have another 6 month saga, so bring it on!