Thursday, March 29, 2007

Arrested Development are a bunch of cool grandpas

Oooh, last night was so much fun. I saw Arrested Development. They are all so much older, but the coolest grandpas I've ever met.

I've attached some pics and a video (which I wasn't meant to take, but it's a short sample).
It was an MTV initiative, so I thought I would teach those fuckers at Viacom a lesson! I read what David Hyman said on Boing Boing and thought I would contribute. We were told no photography and no videos or you get kicked out. One Love didn't seem to mind. He loved it.

Also in the middle of the stage- one of the grandpas, I don't know which one, was just sitting on a couch. Dancing. Sitting ona couch moving his head and hands to the beat. That was it. I took a pic of him. Someone know his name?

I just can't believe how old they have all become. Onelove is trendy, he is pretty cool with his sunglasses, tracksuit and his demeanor, but then, he has this little gray moustache! It's wierd.

But they were great, we were so close and it was a lot of fun. Free booze helped and I was well pissed about an hour into it.

Wierdest thing of the night...On wednesday night I watched this dumb game show for 10 minutes. I never really watch TV these days. Object of the game show is to con the ohter contestants you are doing really well, and they don't know your score. This guy Stewart, was very funny. He was very honest and basically said he was doing shithouse the entire time. For ten minutes I was obsessed with him. Come Thursday, he was at Arrested Development. We had photos, we sussed him out- we thought he was a plant. He was probably so chuffed by our reaction. I'm feel kind of nice I stretched his 15minutes of fame...

Me and Stewie- he likes to stick his hands infront of people's faces

So check out my pics and my video.

Myself and OneLove

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