Monday, March 19, 2007

Heeled thrice, sore legs and a headached from hell

Oh, last night was fun. Dan and Rachelle Silver's wedding. Awesome.
So much dancing, so much alcohol. You can't go wrong.

I got 3 stiletto heels planted in my feet- fantastic. Nothing gets the blood flowing like that.
Highlights included:
  • Vodka shots being handed out on the dancefloor.
  • A boat from chuppah to reception
  • Some of the most excellent displays of the Hora I have ever seen. Nothing better than a speedster hora. I could only handle the pain in my feet if I was dancing.
  • Brilliant cocktails
  • One hot bartender and a couple of hot bridesmaids
  • The presence of one Gila Levitan
  • Having great times with great mates (all except silly Roni Guralnek who couldn't make it).

All in all a top TOP night. Thanks Rachelle and Dan. Awesome.

And I think from now I am inflicting a NO BLACK rule. No one is alllowed to wear black anymore. I can't tell who is who and it gets boring.

a big wedding, when even the dog gets dressed up
this is what happens when you try look cool and end up looking like a total dickhead.
i love having to crouch. It gets more fun every time

Sweaty bride. Awesome.

Oh, soo pissed at this point. Love it

Extreme close up


Dot Co Dot Il said...

Where was the reception?
More importantly how was the food?

Wisey said...

Was at overseas passenger terminal.
Food was tops. The Shomer did a great job.

I also have discovered that I have lost my lip gloss. I really liked that gloss.