Monday, July 23, 2007

Bureaucracy is hypocrisy

Yay - I went and got my Harry Potter. I can finally end this spell that the book has put on me. It's not too sophisticated, but they are pretty exciting stories.

None of my goy friends could go and pick up my pre paid copy, and I'm kind of glad I didn't make them, because the service post-sabbath was atrocious.

I raced up to Borders at 6pm. It was still a little busy. I went up to the special Harry potter pre ordered desk. They crossed off my name and then pointed me to a register.

I waited and waited.

I even waited a bit more.

I was expecting it just to be a pick up, walk out type thing.

When I finally get to the counter, the guy is dicking around. He asks me for my name, I'm a little confused, I just gave me name.
I ask him why he wants it- he says he needs to cross check.
It still isn't making sense to me, so I wrote down "Bugs Bunny" and walked out with my book and token Hedwig doll.

now for the spoiler..... (warning)

I got this damn Hedwig doll. And Hedwig freaking dies on page 30!!
How ironic.
All those poor kids out there. I feel for them.
But there is no way Borders would have known. Poor chaps.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

NY Part II and sorry for the lack of posting lately

Well, I've been busy. Very busy.
Work has been a bit of a whirlwind, but I'm into it. It's good. The dog, Millie, she is good. She sleeps next to my desk.

So what's been happening....?

The watching of the Zodiac
I'm a bit of a Jake fan. I love Jakey. He is so cute. So I wanted to see that movie "The Zodiac".
So in NY I got one pirate DVD and that was it.
So a few weeks after I got home from NY I watched it with some friends. We're watching and who is in it? Dr Karev! from Grey's. I was all surprised- if I knew he was in it I thought they would have advertised that a bit more. But whatever...
I keep watching, thinking where is Jakey? Maybe he is the kid that grows up to solve the mysteries. I'm still thinking this an hour and a half into the film, which feels like it's going an awful long time for Jake to be the main character and still have a good showing. And then the movie ends!

Turns out that those crafty buggers but the film The Zodiac in my Zodiac! Same story, same idea, just one's a made for TV and the other is a massif blockbuster.
It looks like the Zodiac took another victim, and it was me...

A free bottle of wine
I went to trivia the other night. Instead of naming our team some random name, they had a contest for who can make the best name for the product or tagline from this:
A product is launching whereby in your lunch break you can go and get a complete boob job and then go back to work.
I don't know what the real name is, but apparently it will be ready to lift by next year.
There were lots of different names- The D Cups, Ladies who lunch, Lunch cancelled: Tits Up and many others.
But mine, the winner was:
"Forget those sangers, Fix those saggers"

Great piece of work. Everyone laughed when they heard it which made us win.
Free wine. And we bombed out at trivia.

Facebook phenom
Oh, this thing called Facebook is getting a bit crazy. I have a few people in facebook purgatory that I don't know what to do with. Do I reject them, accept them or limit profile them?? I just have too many friends on that thing now, I don't know how I can reasonably stay in touch with all of them. And there are just tonnes of people who I don't want to know my shizz.
Even Malcolm Turnbull requested friendship. I turned him down. I spoke to him on the ferry once, he wasn't very friendly back. I wrote him a message on facebook saying that was why I didn't want to be his friend. Now he cares and he is asking me what happened.
A friend of mine on Facebook- The Cozy Warm Doona tried tagging itself in Malc's photos. Malc didn't let it.
Then the cozy warm doona decided to use its free gift and give him a Jock strap with the message "Hey malc, you left this under the doona. You can come back any time"
Malcolm rejected it! Now the doona has no free gifts left.
That Turnbull isn't getting my vote anymore!

That's about all I can remember for now. I'll try post better. There have been a few stories, I just can't remember them all!