Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Which story do I Blog?

It's gonna be all of them.

Well these last 3 days have been pretty eventful.

How to get free stuff
On Fridays I get a great newsletter. When I got this week's I thought I would save it for Monday. In doing so I forfeited the chance in getting free tickets to a movie that I really want to see. So I wrote the guy an email:

Subject: CANDY - and boy am I pissed....

I decided to not read this email on Friday and savour it for today- being the Monday morning of hell.

How sad, disappointed and distressed I was to see that I had missed out on tickets to Candy.
Is there anything you will do for a tortured soul who wishes so badly to see this movie? ...and we know how much free tickets improve the worth of a movie.

I know the movie will be good. I want it to be fantastic.

Otherwise, please keep on sending me fantastic emails.

Many regards


To which they replied:

Dear tortured soul,

We scored an extra pass for you…in return for your creative response!
Please send us your postal address and we will send out your tickets!

Enjoy the movie!

Well, not bad for a little bit of creativity.*

A revisitation to Shit having me frazzled.
My office has toilet politics. I once wrote a post about it.

I don't even know how I know these rules anyway. It's like I was born knowing them. I don't participate in this rubbish.

Well the other day, I went into the bathroom on Level 12. I had just come back from a run and had had a shower. I was going into the bathroom to redo my make up. Someone was in a cubicle. They tried doing that thing where they flush the toilet like they're finished, wait till you leave and continue. Little did she know...I wasn't going ANYWHERE.
So she flushes. And she waits. And waits.

I'm starting to think if that was me, how long would I actually wait in there? I reckon if I started with this ruse, I'd keep going. I wouldn't do what she did (and it doesn't take me that long to reapply my makeup).

Just as I'm finished on that thought, she flushes again and then comes out of the cubicle. I talk to her with great difficulty. Now I know who she is and what type of game player she is.

Another one but I can't remember
As is usually the case. But things have been pretty eventful. I've had a couple of great epiphanies. Life is treating me well.

Oh, oh, oh, before I forget. Some kid was born in China with a 3rd arm! Yes, a 3rd arm! They want to amputate it.

But why, oh why would you want to do that?! How often have we all wished for a 3rd arm. Think of all the cool shit he could do. All the pranks, all the tricks!!
It's like a dream come true.
Jie Jie- I'm praying for you!

*Turns out in the end, it was a bloody 2 for 1 offer! Who the hell wants that? So someone in my office gave me a double pass.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Who is the Bigger N-rd?

Many life changing conclusions were reached this weekend- like Rock the Kasbah being the most overly and incorrectly used song in MashUps. It is a great song, but there are only a few songs with which it meshes well with. There were many great and exciting things that happened...

It has finally come to the point where I need to assess my n-rdliness once again.
We've always known I was a closet geek, I'm so anti-anti-establishment that it's scary.

I've got my little friend the sitemeter. He tells me who has visited the site, what time, from where, what pages they looked at, the referrals, the outclicks. It's fantastic. It's like a snitch who is totally honest with you. There is nothing you need to question.
(I should also admit at this point that I know, with confidence, both HughJazz's and Dating Master's IP addresses, so look out...)

Having said that, I'm a geek that I look at the sitemeter. But, if I hadn't then I wouldn't know about BlogShares and other cool stuff.
Well, whatever...
The other week, when I played in that SBS Soccer comp, we played these guys who have their own reality TV show- N-rds FC. I blogged it of course. And yes, I now have to take out the letter e from all my entries because they found my blog, by typing into google "N-rds FC awesome".

Now I certainly didn't say they were awesome, but awesome does appear in my blog somewhere along the lines (oooh, what a great pun?!).

They left comments on the blog and they have been telling their little friends to google me with the same search string. Not only that, but they were looking at the blog for a considerable amount of time. They even looked at my flickr page...

I'm fully aware that my blog is public, but if it's a friend of a friend checking me out, sweet I say. But if you're a random n-rd who happens to have a reality TV show- STOP stalking me!

So the question does remain- Who is the bigger n-rd?
  • Them, because they are n-rds and they are googling n-rds fc awesome into google?
  • Me, because I know exactly when, why and how they're googling me?!

Also Mazels to those out there that got engaged this weekend. Plus I'll put photos of Diana's birthday up here soon...

Thursday, May 25, 2006

JeruGuru gets taken a step further

So, we are all familiar with the rantings and ravings of JeruGuru and the Dating Master. Someone has taken this all a step further with a mini series on YouTube.

Even though we know who you are JG, it is still interesting to see this phenomenon on the internet. This is a little bit more creative and I quite enjoy that they use actors and invent stories as opposed to the Dating Master who purports himself to be a part of some reality.

Soup of the Day - Check it.

But better than that- On Channel 102 a pilot has aired- "Viewing Mohels".

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Wow factor

Coolest thing I've seen in a while

Well funny

Check it

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Confessions of a Rove Live Lover??

Oh- all of us have watched Rove Live at some point in our lives.

When I get home on a Tuesday night I can't but help myself and turn on the TV and watch a bit of the little cute man - Rove McManus.

So why is it that everyone admits that they can't stand him?

He is so adorable and makes these little funny quips and jibes. Plus he has the greatest accents. How could you not like him?

It's funny, but for so long I was resolute that I didn’t like him. Yes, I flick over to watch it and I don’t have to be at home to see Rove Live or I’ll die.

Maybe it’s because it’s so mainstream. Every man and his dog, every yobbo and his Sheila watch it. Those of us who are too cool maybe don’t want to admit that we’re into what all the plebs are into.

Someone with such a mass appeal is more than a miracle and it’s a feat not to be looked down upon.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

The latest in Blog Contests

So this weekend was pretty cool. Had the best shabbat ever with lots of sleep and a cosy bed involved.
Eurovision was pretty funny. That commentator is so brilliant. It's a shame Lithuania didn't win. They were funny without being too over the top. I was pretty impressed at our Eurovision party turn out. I have to admit I was not expecting so many people to rock up.

Now...I have to come think of the site meter as my friend. Especially when I am inadvertently directed by others to sites like this - Blogshares.

At the time of posting, my blog had a value of $3,836.86!! It has to be the moustache that's making the value go up so much. It values everything according to outgoing links and pretty graphs and lots of dollar signs. Something happened in January and my outgoing links were massive. I may have to drop one of you losers on my link page. It looks like you're devaluing my worth.

Maybe someone knows I'm a Maven and a Connector and knew somehow if they put it on my page it would spread...especially when they already get 7,000 hits a day and have had 7 million visits already!

I don't care how the fuck I got on there. But man this is cool. As they say, Let the Games begin baby. BRING.IT.ON.

Actually, having a look at the site, I have no idea how to do this. Anyone got some tips for me?

...and the skinny ankles came out again this weekend. Last time I mention you, but it's so good to have you back. I just wish my carpet burn didn't hurt so bad.

...veins! Yummy!

Oh and this mash up is pretty hip. If the Ten Commandments was a teen comedy. Thanks to BoingBoing. Check it

Thursday, May 18, 2006

oh SBS you rock...

Ohh, last night was fun.

I met George Negus. Unfortunately the Silver Fox did not attend, but I also met some dudes from Pizza who want us to come to their show. I think it was the fake moustaches we (I) were (was) wearing.

I was a top goalie. I sustained injuries too- a shocking carpet burn and a bruised thumb.

After the game, I found out there was some skepticism of me being goalie for a mixed team, but in the end I performed well. It was an excellent strategy allowing more guys on the pitch to play. Plus I consider myself the human shield and there was no way the ball was getting past me.

We also played N-rds FC. This new reality show on SBS where they get these 20 year old n-rds and train them up to be soccer players. They were so cute and we played against them drunk to give them some sort of advantage. We still beat them (thank god).

Also, The Gimp aka Frank was there. This is the man of "do you know monia?" fame. I got him to say it on Camera. I shall be posting that up here when YouTube lets me.
This do you know Monia? stuff has ruled my life for some while. When Monia left my work I even wrote it in her card.

It was a fun fun night. I was a smart ass as usual. Top class nudnik. All the captains had to dance with these bloody brazilians. The guys loved those girls, I just thought it was humiliating. I was clearly too drunk to tell.

At the end of the night, a friend stole the winning team's trophy and ended up losing it in a cab. A prank very well done.

Ankle update
They are skinny again. Even though here, I think it's a bad angle.
And people think I've lost weight- I think it's just my ankles returning to normal.

I don't know why I get that horrible white stuff on my stockings. It's gross. Anyone know how to get rid of it?

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I've seen Da Vinci Code and you most probably haven't

This week has been a GREAT week work-wise.
Monday was a lunch, yesterday I had some breakfast and a presentation, tonight I have a soccer game against SBS and we're playing George Negus and Les Murray (aka the silver fox). It's going to be awesome, we're dressing up and I'm taking my camera. There will be a great blog if I remember what happens.
I'm also guessing we'll lose. We have a lot of spirit, but no skill.

Having said that, this morning I went off to Fox Studios (does ANYONE call it the Entertainment Precinct??) to see La Da Vinci Code. It was in La Premiere, breakfast preceded the event. It was charming.

The movie...it was entertaining. Our mutual friend Akiva Goldsman, managed to adapt the book to a big hollywood blockbuster with no trouble at all. Ronnie managed to throw in hints of a Beautiful Mind and even sing I found my thrill in Blueberry Hill.

However, it was a tad over dramatic in the "let's help out the dummies" kind of way. Having said that, I did laugh a fair bit. I made the stranger next to me laugh because I was laughing.
It wasn't all that bad. Ian McKellan was great and so was Paul Bettany.
No matter what the critics say it will still make tonnes of money and I think that's why they are panning it. Oh well, boo hoo?

And I have to stop confusing Paul Bettany with that guy from Wierd Science...

So until tomorrow, I'm going back to my cilice.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Fun is a 4 letter word

Last night was cool.
I received an emergency phone call from Ben G:

"Deb, what are you doing?"

"I'm in pyjama"

"You're in pyjamas? We'll come down to the corner of Plumer and O'Sullivan and bring your camera quick. I have to show you the most amazing thing!"

So I come down, bringing the required items. Ben and Dani take me into the golf course. They are giggling and joking. I start getting really apprehensive thinking they are going to prank me in some way. Push me into the stream or something. It was cold. I was scared.

We get to the middle of the golf course and there is this:

We had happy snaps too:

They saw some dude putting a couch on the street and decided to move it into the middle of the golf course. I wonder if it will still be there tonight?

So we're sitting out there having a drink, a chat and telling a few yarns and an owl turns up. Fuck it was creepy. Those little dots are its eyes.

We decided all we needed was a TV. Dani's dad has a generator, we would be sweet to watch Boston Legal. But I went home to watch it. James Spader is damn sexy. It's got to be the intelligence of his character. William Shatner is just brilliant too.

And then I'm looking at the clouds and they are start saying "sex". Strange night. I wasn't the only one to spot it either!

Friday, May 12, 2006


Google has launched this website where you can put in search terms and see the trending patterns. It allows you to compare multiple search terms against one another in terms of search volume.

So we've been having wars. I lose in comparison to everyone else, every time. For me the excitement sort of died down after 2 minutes.

But, having said that, it is still pretty good.
I did a search- yahoo V google. You would think Google would rig it, but the results were quite surprising:

BUT...as my good friend Deb-O-rah said:
"Why would you google google on Google?"

Excellent, excellent response and my new mantra.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Look who won a webby award....

No title, I'm too busy to think of one

It's been a busy time in Sydney since I got back from the holy land. I feel like my life has been stolen out from under me.
Work = Life, life has flown away, hopefully to return on May 25, after we do a massive pitch.

Having said that, and constantly being at work, I do feel part of a massive blog community these days. There are some pretty funny comments happening, and I do think that Jeru Guru should just calm down. If you are out of it, stay out. Stop being a woman!

One of the latest to emerge is my brother, who I still feel is covering up some Hugh Jazz path with his Dot Co Dot Il path, and he got the name off my blog... who invented them apples David? And I mean using Dot Co Dot Il as a name, not the URL.
And the Mrs Coil...I first read as "coil", as in a real coil. I'm glad you started putting the period/full stop in there. I had trouble working out who Mrs Coil was.

Since he's been on the scene, Hugh has stopped writing. An interesting observation.

We also got Gilush, Presti, Calev and these other people and 'randoms' who I sort of know and always see their comments everywhere. Now we have GFunk. GFunk has a music blog, which is pretty good considering i'm involved in the music biz.
Eb's also part of the crew, even if she ain't no Jew!
And these anonymous blogs...oh how they have been shamed.

So what else have I been up to...?
Well here are the photos of my swollen legs from the plane. I was FAT.
DVT was a worry for a while. You can't even see bones and my feet have bones! I'm basically a skeleton anyway.
But, it is just gross. I don't have after photos, haven't taken them yet. But I will be putting them up.

I watched Joan Rivers on the Logies. She was fun-ee. Not in a ha ha kind of way, but in a great, fantastic, hysterical kind of way. The Logies is some lame ass excuse for an Australian TV/Movie/News awards show. The public votes, it's probably rigged. There is even some lame award for most popular celebrity. It's dumb.
But Joan Rivers gets up there and says "I know you're all famous, but who are you?" What am I doing here?"
She just kept going on and on about how ridiculous the whole thing is. So ridiculous that the Logies is a platform for Aussie celebs to interview American celebs on stage. I think she just brought it home. It was great.

Next on the list- the miners trapped down the well (the mine, whatever). It was 14 or 15 days and they finally got them out of there. When they do, what does msn do? They put a story on the page on what news around the world is saying about us? I feel like Australia is one of those insecure girls that needs to hear what everyone else is doing and saying about us, but no one really is. And yeah, we have news, so what? Did we cover what everyone else was saying about the Olympics (yes, I'm still talking about it)?? I don't think so.
And when OJ got arrested, did the US put a story on the front of the LA Times:
"Australians say OJ is guilty"
Or whatever other example you want to put up here. It's a little silly, lame and Australia needs a brand image overhaul for their own citizens.

Australia isn't that pishy little country anymore. We play in the big kids' playground, plus we win all the good sports like swimming and stuff.

Australia, it's time to start acting like a proper country. Remember who cares what other people think. PLUS, we're the biggest island in the world...

And the other week, Eb straightened my hair. I haven't done it in about 4 years and people were excited, it was funny. In some instances I wasn't even recognised. It was fun, I felt slick, but it's not something I would waste time with. I don't exactly want to spend the rest of my life infront of a mirror plus I also hurt my neck doing a hair flick.

Maybe I'll do it again so I can put some photos here.

Pyjama Queen is some overpriced pyjama line. But just take a look at some of the models they have been using. Nearly as ugly as the pyjamas!
Signing out muchachos

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A night of canapes and shoes

Last night, Eb and I went to one of these Nine West member functions.
It was this fashion show for shoes at the Tea House in QVB. They said it was going to be High Tea, they said it was going to be fashion, they said there were going to be canapes (pronounced ka-naps...we all know THAT story).

So what did we get?
Everyone got a rose. I said to the gay guy who was handing out the roses: "Oh, how sweet. You make me feel so special."
He laughed. How droll.

There was a string quartet, but there were only 3 people in it. What do you call that? A string trio? Doesn't really sound right. We think the fourth member cancelled at the last minute because the shoes are so horrid these days. I only go for the canapes, the conversation (remember the wedge debacle?) and the show bags.

I walk in and pick a seat in the front row, Eb arrives, we wait for the canapes. I ask as one walks past "Is that vegetarian?"
She says yes, but I keep pestering her-
What's that white thing?

What's that thing under the cheese?
The tray?

What's that thing on top?

No, what's that white thing?

Basically, there was this suspect item in between the cheese and the bread. I still didn't trust it and Eb confirmed it was turkey. Lucky I am. Well lucky.

From that moment on, everyone who took the last canape was a bitch. A waitress who didn't come up to us was a bitch. If there was meat on or in it, that was just meat that I couldn't eat and there was some bitch involved.

The marketing director and the fashion director of Marie Claire make speeches. I hate it when people start talking so seriously about fashion. It's such a waste of breath. The F.D. of M.C. then announces:
"Girls, it's taking the look of fashion and combining it to make a 'wow' factor"

What? Are you for real?
Eb and I couldn't believe it. And I probably transcribe it incorrectly anyway. You get the point.
There were so many designer wannabes at this thing anyway, they probably lapped it up. They were telling the crowd it's ok to wear a dress and flats, it's ok to do this and that. Why do people want to hear this and then turn up in the same place in uniform? It's so strange.

As the show starts, we are in disbelief. The models aren't real models, turns out they're from the Nine West Sales department!! One has knobbly knees, one has this crazy chewing gum walk like she is trying to walk like a model. Another walks so fast that you can't see the shoes. It's like a blur of colour going past. Another clomped down the catwalk like one of those robots from War of the Worlds. But hey, I'm not judgemental!
We worked out from the program that all their names are listed. We heckled them a little, but I think it was all said too softly. If I was a guy I'm sure I could do it with no problems....maybe next time!

It was definitely worth the entertainment value. We got some awesome show bags with tonnes of shite in them. I hear way better than some fashion week showbags.

Nine West- thank you. It's not everyday I get so much material or even such a good time. It's a shame I didn't win one of the lucky door prizes, because I really would have strutted my way down the catwalk to get the prize from you.

I must also add, Eb and I are having a contest on who can write the better blog for this entry. You be the judge. And Eb get your freaking act together!