Sunday, February 12, 2006

Taking hiatus

So I’ve taken a backseat from the Blog. Too much work to even pen a 5 minute blog- unusual for me, but oh well.
Probably a good thing anyway, my blog was starting to get really, really shit.

But before I do take a hiatus from the blog, gotta say I had the best weekend in a long time. After being sick for quite a while and taking it easy AND losing 4kgs from the sick, I have come out of it a more lightweight drinker than ever and so had quite a lot of fun on the weekend.

I went to a Revenge of the Nerds party. Lots and lots of fun. Considering I love nerds, I had a great time. I even managed to bump into some guy I went out with once. Some guy who I once googled and the results were a case of him being a convicted rapist*. That wasn’t the reason I stopped seeing him, but hey, it was better than any other reason.
We dressed up as those bitchy cheerleaders and we're real bitchy too.
Photos here

It shall also be exciting when I get the photo that was described in this email, the event I don't remember:

"I keep getting flashbacks from saturday night. I did so many embarrassing
things, oh my gosh I don't even want to think about it! I have some pics
which I'll send through tomorrow, including one involving your thigh, a
piece of string and kate's tongue!!"

I was also meant to go to Manly and get a present for my boss who is going back to London. She lived in Manly and I wanted to get her something to remember the place. Let’s just say I slipped into my habit of JAP and couldn’t be stuffed going to Manly to get a mounted photo of the beach. So I got one of Bondi, so she can remember where I live instead! I did get her a great photo of the ferry in the harbour- she’ll like that (I hope).

And I saw Amelie last night at the moonlight. Now, when I first saw this movie I loved it, then because of the way the world and I work, after everyone raved about it I began to hate it (similar to Napoleon Dynamite phenomena). But, the movie was great, loved it and nothing at all to how I remember it. It was also good because I think shitloads of people remembered that they hated it and didn’t turn up. It was empty.

The only thing that is really funny at the moment is that pernicious Boon Doll. I am destroying it. It has been relocated from the Living room to my room because of its constant annoying comments. One night when a strange male voice told me if I was getting nachos, to get him some too, I nearly scared myself to death.
I'm no longer selling him on eBay. I am destroying him with an axe.

So hopefully I’ll generate something good to Blog soon. But my rate of entry is definitely going to drop.

Ciao bella. Let's hope things remain brill.

*The guy wasn't really a rapist, some guy just had the same name as him


Ebby271 said...

Amelie is my all time favourite character. If only I could dedicate my life to mischief - what a joy life would be! Too bad Audrey Tatou is just too cute as an obsessive little trouble maker - she can never play another role as long as she lives.

Also - that freaky little doll better not be around when I come and visit tomorrow. It will totally try & murder me in my sleep - Chucky style. Eeek!

Big Brother said...

You made me look up what pernicious means.