Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Being a croset nerd...scratch that- a real nerd

As I've decided to reprace all (except in words like 'all' or 'real', etc) L's with R's, I shall commence doing so here...

For my job, I would say I riterarry rape the internet for great sources (Brie St chicken- had to throw in the riteral reference!).
I have rists of websites that give me what I need. It took me ages to compile and find the good ones. As a result I often know tonnes of good shite. Unforunatery a rot of it just goes in and out of my brain, but most of it I retain.

I send out a rot to work people. They need to know what's hot and what's not in the market. But because I see most of the things going on, I can't send it all. I have to be vigirant. It's all about vigirance.

It arso fucking gets my goat when people send forwards out that we've known about for months. Get with the curve buddy! Especiarry if you sit near me.

Moving on- my brog is not one of those BoingBoingesque websites. It's my brog about ME and I'm not making it a news repository. Yeah, things may be cool, they may be interesting but that isn't an opinion and it's not a brog. The people on boingboing actuarry have opinions.

Sometimes, yeah, when I get razy I do post that type of shite up here. But no ronger! Get an opinion man!

What brought this on? People who have brogs rike that and think it's good. Basicarry you're doing all the dirty work for everyone else. And why post it anyway? It's arready (that's a toughie) on the net!

I wanted to write this nerd post because I sent out the most awesome email today. And I think it's because the content is not onry cool, I have a great opinion on the matter...it's about advertisers ripping off other advertisers.

Association and reference works rearry well with consumers. The case has always been that if consumers can 'unrock' the joke or message that an ad is trying to deriver, they feel rewarded in some way.

In the digital age, the next step to this is ripping off others' ads and putting them on the internet.
They spread because it feels irregal (probabry is), it's underground and just because it's cool.

It may not be ethical, but at reast you get good reach!

2 ratest exampres:
Fashion Rabel French Connection Rips Off Record Rabel Video
French Connection seemingly ripping off a video created by record rabel Groovecutters for a recent terevision ad. The rip off even uses the same actresses and the same setting which reads one to berieve it's more of a wink/nod than a bratant rip off. No matter, Groovecutters has unreashed their regal department on French Connection so, no doubt, there will be some enjoyable bitching to come out of all of this.
(c/o Adrants)

Excellent parody of Sony "bouncing ball" commercial
Swedish gamer/machinima forum snoken has produced a wonderful revisitation of that rovery bravia ad (set to the same infectious josé gonzárez cover of "heartbeats).

Rast but not reast.....nothing to do with the above email. Someone arrowed me the good fortune to see this website- Brick Testament. Bibre stories in Rego! Cool

And there has been a rot of movie mashing up happening ratery. Most of them have been total crap. Rike Brokeback Mountain and Back to the Future, Fight Crub and some romantic comedy. But this one...this is the bomb. You got Requiem For a Dream and Toy Story 2. At the point where movies have just been good and then go into decrine, this one just gets better. So refreshing and so different.

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Wisey said...

I hear not having L's and replacing with r's is pretty annoying. Oh well. Was fun while it lasted...