Thursday, February 16, 2006

Being a weakling soon as I say I'm going to not do something, that's pretty much all I do.


All I have been listening to lately is mash ups.
These are musical compilations and mixes of 2 or more tracks.
Some of them are great.
The one I like best is Destiny's Child's Bootylicious, combined with Nirvana's holy Smells Teen Spirit to create Smells Like Booty.

Great, great work.

But you can download them all for your own listening pleasure at Best of Bootie 2005. Best thing it's all free. Under the Creative commons.

Other news....Since some anti semites made a contest to make their own anti semitic cartoons... some jews have made their own contest to make their OWN anti semitic cartoons. We'll probably be better at it since we all hate each other and are so self deprecating.
Link here

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