Monday, February 27, 2006

The post of the tropfest

Inevitable. This is.*

Someone even mentioned to me that they would wait to speak about tropfest until they had seen my post on it.

It was good. I was prepared for rain. Wish I could have gotten there earlier so that I could have lain down and done nothing for ages. Oh well. Next year.
First year they have ever had to cut the thing short due to scary weather. Twas fun to get all wet though. I wish people would have stayed to play wet football on the grass. I love that.

And every year it continually amazes me that people get on the phone and when their friends ask them where they are they say "I'm infront of the screen! You know, the big screen". It's a fucking tripod of screens in the centre of the domain. Gits!

There are all those stranger people who try to be your friend for 5 hours. They're great. Bless 'em. There was the lady with her son, who wanted to share her paper with Nic. No hesitation at offering it. So I suggested Nic offer her some pot. Unfortunately the rain prevented it.

Umbrellas this year were also cool. It was a sea of them. Glad to say I was back in good form, screaming out "Hey you! Yeah I'm talking to YOU!" at no one in particular.

The bestest would have to be that sole moron who put up his umbrella and I started lobbing grapes at it. Sad that it didn't take more than 2 direct hits from 2 grapes for him to put it down. It was kinda fun.

The movies- the ones that I saw were pretty average (I left half way because of the raining). I have the same debate every year about how there is a formula, you gotta have that twist and Nash Edgerton has to have some involvement in it.

Whatevs (channelling Chrissie here), they were all pretty lame. Cinematography was great though. A shame I look for more in a plot.

But friends- hanging out was fun loved it.

*Why am I speaking like Yoda?


Ebby271 said...

Love the random use of "whatevs". It warms my heart to see it revived.

Anonymous said...

Your bros blog is much better than this...