Tuesday, February 21, 2006

My rant on Torino 06

The Winter Olympics is as boring as piss and a joke.
I haven't watched any of it, except for getting hypnotised by the Figure Skating on Monday night.
They have gotten a little riskier since I last saw it many eons ago. Going for the trickier moves to get medals, means a lot of dropping of the female partner.

Other than that, it's shit.

I'm under the impression that these winter sports were the invention of kids with nothing better to do. We have all had the long hot summer where you get bored with whatever you have been doing and decide there is something so much better you could do and invent it.

I've done it.
When I was about 12 I created "balloon tennis". Hours of fun, but in actuality pretty lame. The lamest part of the whole thing is that I actually had a tennis court at my house, but decided a piece of string across a room and a balloon was a lot more fun.

Same premise with winter olympics.

How far you can jump with skis...
Tricks you can do in the air with skis
Bobsledding with one person
Bobsledding with two people
....three people
........eight people
Doing the luge on your ass by yourself
Doing the luge with someone else....maybe even a couple of other people
Doing the luge face forward

They just don't feel like real sports. It's all just variants on the same thing and something that should be in the Guiness book of Records, not the Olympics.


Ebby271 said...

You know what else is lame - those magazines on the water bottles. With the winter olympics and this combined, the media industry has hit a new low...

David P said...

How could you forget about curling?

Wisey said...

Prestons...curling has been around for a long time...I have to give them at least one sport!