Monday, February 20, 2006

Short men beware

I'm not attracted to very short men.


That seems to be most of the population.


This last weekend, some little man decided to poke me in the stomach as some sort of get my attention gesture.
Never mind that I couldn't see who did it because he was out of my height range, it was still just plain rude.

Eventually when we made eye contact, he says to me "Don't I know you from somewhere?" I put my hand up in the air and I say,
"Yeah, you know me from up here"

I think he got offended, but so what.

Turns out, some girl at the same place also gave a rendition that some short pesky dude was poking his fingers in her back all night and annoying the crap out of her. This guy has problems.

And on another note. What the fuck is with people finding my blog through the search string "Cubicle calisthenics"???
I feel a new craze coming on.


David P said...

Maybe stick "Bird flu" in your blog a bunch and watch your hit counter soar...

David P said...

talking of blogs- who is "tea time"?