Monday, May 15, 2006

Fun is a 4 letter word

Last night was cool.
I received an emergency phone call from Ben G:

"Deb, what are you doing?"

"I'm in pyjama"

"You're in pyjamas? We'll come down to the corner of Plumer and O'Sullivan and bring your camera quick. I have to show you the most amazing thing!"

So I come down, bringing the required items. Ben and Dani take me into the golf course. They are giggling and joking. I start getting really apprehensive thinking they are going to prank me in some way. Push me into the stream or something. It was cold. I was scared.

We get to the middle of the golf course and there is this:

We had happy snaps too:

They saw some dude putting a couch on the street and decided to move it into the middle of the golf course. I wonder if it will still be there tonight?

So we're sitting out there having a drink, a chat and telling a few yarns and an owl turns up. Fuck it was creepy. Those little dots are its eyes.

We decided all we needed was a TV. Dani's dad has a generator, we would be sweet to watch Boston Legal. But I went home to watch it. James Spader is damn sexy. It's got to be the intelligence of his character. William Shatner is just brilliant too.

And then I'm looking at the clouds and they are start saying "sex". Strange night. I wasn't the only one to spot it either!


Eb said...

You so photoshopped the "Sex" in the clouds...

~ Sarah ~ said...

cool! (about the couch. weird about the clouds though)

RGx said...

Far out!!! I miss the O'Sully antics!!! nice one. Xes Roni

Goofunk said...

Someone clearly has sex on her mind...

assaf said...

I know you have heaps of fun deb... and you get to do the strangest things... but that sex part.. it's so adobe... :-) own up!

Anonymous said...

deb you look hot in your pjs!