Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I've seen Da Vinci Code and you most probably haven't

This week has been a GREAT week work-wise.
Monday was a lunch, yesterday I had some breakfast and a presentation, tonight I have a soccer game against SBS and we're playing George Negus and Les Murray (aka the silver fox). It's going to be awesome, we're dressing up and I'm taking my camera. There will be a great blog if I remember what happens.
I'm also guessing we'll lose. We have a lot of spirit, but no skill.

Having said that, this morning I went off to Fox Studios (does ANYONE call it the Entertainment Precinct??) to see La Da Vinci Code. It was in La Premiere, breakfast preceded the event. It was charming.

The was entertaining. Our mutual friend Akiva Goldsman, managed to adapt the book to a big hollywood blockbuster with no trouble at all. Ronnie managed to throw in hints of a Beautiful Mind and even sing I found my thrill in Blueberry Hill.

However, it was a tad over dramatic in the "let's help out the dummies" kind of way. Having said that, I did laugh a fair bit. I made the stranger next to me laugh because I was laughing.
It wasn't all that bad. Ian McKellan was great and so was Paul Bettany.
No matter what the critics say it will still make tonnes of money and I think that's why they are panning it. Oh well, boo hoo?

And I have to stop confusing Paul Bettany with that guy from Wierd Science...

So until tomorrow, I'm going back to my cilice.


Dot Co Dot Il said...

It was free! Why would you care if the movie sucked?
Would you have liked it as much had you had to pay for it?

Where did you park?

Wisey said...

Park?! I went with work, I took a taxi!

And yes, we have been through that debate before about going to free movies. You lose your perception to wage whether a movie is good because all you have put into it is money, not time and money. So you're already feeling good because you haven't paid.
Still- I wouldn't say don't see it.
But...I still would never have paid for it (I think that's because I knew somewhere along the track I would be getting free tix).