Wednesday, May 10, 2006

No title, I'm too busy to think of one

It's been a busy time in Sydney since I got back from the holy land. I feel like my life has been stolen out from under me.
Work = Life, life has flown away, hopefully to return on May 25, after we do a massive pitch.

Having said that, and constantly being at work, I do feel part of a massive blog community these days. There are some pretty funny comments happening, and I do think that Jeru Guru should just calm down. If you are out of it, stay out. Stop being a woman!

One of the latest to emerge is my brother, who I still feel is covering up some Hugh Jazz path with his Dot Co Dot Il path, and he got the name off my blog... who invented them apples David? And I mean using Dot Co Dot Il as a name, not the URL.
And the Mrs Coil...I first read as "coil", as in a real coil. I'm glad you started putting the period/full stop in there. I had trouble working out who Mrs Coil was.

Since he's been on the scene, Hugh has stopped writing. An interesting observation.

We also got Gilush, Presti, Calev and these other people and 'randoms' who I sort of know and always see their comments everywhere. Now we have GFunk. GFunk has a music blog, which is pretty good considering i'm involved in the music biz.
Eb's also part of the crew, even if she ain't no Jew!
And these anonymous blogs...oh how they have been shamed.

So what else have I been up to...?
Well here are the photos of my swollen legs from the plane. I was FAT.
DVT was a worry for a while. You can't even see bones and my feet have bones! I'm basically a skeleton anyway.
But, it is just gross. I don't have after photos, haven't taken them yet. But I will be putting them up.

I watched Joan Rivers on the Logies. She was fun-ee. Not in a ha ha kind of way, but in a great, fantastic, hysterical kind of way. The Logies is some lame ass excuse for an Australian TV/Movie/News awards show. The public votes, it's probably rigged. There is even some lame award for most popular celebrity. It's dumb.
But Joan Rivers gets up there and says "I know you're all famous, but who are you?" What am I doing here?"
She just kept going on and on about how ridiculous the whole thing is. So ridiculous that the Logies is a platform for Aussie celebs to interview American celebs on stage. I think she just brought it home. It was great.

Next on the list- the miners trapped down the well (the mine, whatever). It was 14 or 15 days and they finally got them out of there. When they do, what does msn do? They put a story on the page on what news around the world is saying about us? I feel like Australia is one of those insecure girls that needs to hear what everyone else is doing and saying about us, but no one really is. And yeah, we have news, so what? Did we cover what everyone else was saying about the Olympics (yes, I'm still talking about it)?? I don't think so.
And when OJ got arrested, did the US put a story on the front of the LA Times:
"Australians say OJ is guilty"
Or whatever other example you want to put up here. It's a little silly, lame and Australia needs a brand image overhaul for their own citizens.

Australia isn't that pishy little country anymore. We play in the big kids' playground, plus we win all the good sports like swimming and stuff.

Australia, it's time to start acting like a proper country. Remember who cares what other people think. PLUS, we're the biggest island in the world...

And the other week, Eb straightened my hair. I haven't done it in about 4 years and people were excited, it was funny. In some instances I wasn't even recognised. It was fun, I felt slick, but it's not something I would waste time with. I don't exactly want to spend the rest of my life infront of a mirror plus I also hurt my neck doing a hair flick.

Maybe I'll do it again so I can put some photos here.

Pyjama Queen is some overpriced pyjama line. But just take a look at some of the models they have been using. Nearly as ugly as the pyjamas!
Signing out muchachos


Eb said...

Even fuglier than the shoe models @ Ninewest...

Dot Co Dot Il said...

Nearly all those who you mentioned will be at our house on Friday night for dinner or desert which is happening after.

Should be blogtastic!