Thursday, May 18, 2006

oh SBS you rock...

Ohh, last night was fun.

I met George Negus. Unfortunately the Silver Fox did not attend, but I also met some dudes from Pizza who want us to come to their show. I think it was the fake moustaches we (I) were (was) wearing.

I was a top goalie. I sustained injuries too- a shocking carpet burn and a bruised thumb.

After the game, I found out there was some skepticism of me being goalie for a mixed team, but in the end I performed well. It was an excellent strategy allowing more guys on the pitch to play. Plus I consider myself the human shield and there was no way the ball was getting past me.

We also played N-rds FC. This new reality show on SBS where they get these 20 year old n-rds and train them up to be soccer players. They were so cute and we played against them drunk to give them some sort of advantage. We still beat them (thank god).

Also, The Gimp aka Frank was there. This is the man of "do you know monia?" fame. I got him to say it on Camera. I shall be posting that up here when YouTube lets me.
This do you know Monia? stuff has ruled my life for some while. When Monia left my work I even wrote it in her card.

It was a fun fun night. I was a smart ass as usual. Top class nudnik. All the captains had to dance with these bloody brazilians. The guys loved those girls, I just thought it was humiliating. I was clearly too drunk to tell.

At the end of the night, a friend stole the winning team's trophy and ended up losing it in a cab. A prank very well done.

Ankle update
They are skinny again. Even though here, I think it's a bad angle.
And people think I've lost weight- I think it's just my ankles returning to normal.

I don't know why I get that horrible white stuff on my stockings. It's gross. Anyone know how to get rid of it?


Dot Co Dot Il said...

You look like Merv Hughes

Wisey said...

Merv Hughes...Yes, it was called the Merv Hughes moustache for a reason. Someone else was wearing the Boonie and another was Guiseppe.

Nick said...

The only reason you beat us was that we were drunk as well. :D

Wisey said...

Oh Nickos,
So happy to have you here. However you shall never be as drunk as I.

My friend Jaco requests an apology from you kicking her in the shins at soccer.

Perhaps you should take a leaf out of Phillip's book and Read. Read about the lives of the great ships of the past and how they came to grief.