Sunday, May 21, 2006

The latest in Blog Contests

So this weekend was pretty cool. Had the best shabbat ever with lots of sleep and a cosy bed involved.
Eurovision was pretty funny. That commentator is so brilliant. It's a shame Lithuania didn't win. They were funny without being too over the top. I was pretty impressed at our Eurovision party turn out. I have to admit I was not expecting so many people to rock up.

Now...I have to come think of the site meter as my friend. Especially when I am inadvertently directed by others to sites like this - Blogshares.

At the time of posting, my blog had a value of $3,836.86!! It has to be the moustache that's making the value go up so much. It values everything according to outgoing links and pretty graphs and lots of dollar signs. Something happened in January and my outgoing links were massive. I may have to drop one of you losers on my link page. It looks like you're devaluing my worth.

Maybe someone knows I'm a Maven and a Connector and knew somehow if they put it on my page it would spread...especially when they already get 7,000 hits a day and have had 7 million visits already!

I don't care how the fuck I got on there. But man this is cool. As they say, Let the Games begin baby. BRING.IT.ON.

Actually, having a look at the site, I have no idea how to do this. Anyone got some tips for me?

...and the skinny ankles came out again this weekend. Last time I mention you, but it's so good to have you back. I just wish my carpet burn didn't hurt so bad.

...veins! Yummy!

Oh and this mash up is pretty hip. If the Ten Commandments was a teen comedy. Thanks to BoingBoing. Check it


Eb said...

Are they Burberry shoes you are wearing?

RGx said...

The shoes are far from chav darling, i love them! xxx