Thursday, October 19, 2006

Tying up some loose ends

Well, I finally got my new ring from that dude.
Best of a bad bunch methinks. Still pretty foul, but better than what was.

It's chunk.

More films
Last night I went to see an Inconvenient Truth. Although I had free tix to see World Trade Centre. There was no way I was seeing that crap. So I researched what else was on at the same time, redeemed my tickets and just went to see Al Gore. It was good. A little shock to the system. I'm already changing how I emit my noxious materials.

And while I was waiting for my tickets, who I was lucky enough to bump into? Mr Gunsberg himself. We all remember what hilarity happened a couple months back.
I was a bit tongue tied and when we looked at eachother directly there was a bit of awkwardness. I know he's seen the blog from the site metre. I don't think he remembered me, but I think he just felt "...and where do I know you from."
Me laughing at him probably didn't help matters.

I sent Eb a message. She told me I should dak him. As if I would pull his pants down! I'd get arrested.
Whatever. He saw The Devil Wears Prada. Why? Who knows.
One thing I do know- he uses the word propaganda-tastic. This is not a word Gunsberg.

Ever since I saw this leopard print kini in Cleo I have been obsessed with it. After a 4 day obsessive search I have finally located the last one in my size and have it in my posession. However, I feel that perhaps when I see a kini, I often want the body that goes with it... when I say "I want that" I'm totally sucked in by the model that's wearing it. The photos of bikinis with no one wearing them are always so boring.

See what I mean....

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Eb said...

Please don't ever wear that ring around me... My friends are a reflection of me & I don't want people to think that I shop from a 1998 Goldmark catalogue.