Sunday, June 18, 2006

"d-grade-celeb-a-rama":- A premeditated celebrity bashing

So, was another great weekend in the land of Nod.

On Saturday night I was lucky enough to go to Vice Magazine's 3rd Birthday party. There were horrible free drinks, pole dancers, VIP rooms, alternative types and some funky* freebie Agent Provocateur perfume.

Of course I love to share and I took some of my friends with me too. Some enjoyed, some did not.
But I liked it.

Now, while I was there, I managed to recognise 2 people. I was so excited that I had my camera in order to take pics and then celebrity bash.

The first being Gunsberg.
I had to pretend to be a fan to have a pic with him. I think I was already so drunk in this pic and clearly not one of my more photogenic moments (even with the photoshop job).

I don't know what my gripe with him is. Maybe the hair that doesn't move (and I saw it up close, it doesn't move)?
It could be the arrogance.
It could be that we had to tap him on the shoulder for aaaggeees (and I'm talking more than a minute) to get a picture with him. But then again, we were just treating like an object...
Maybe it's the fact that he perpetuates this jeans with a blazer and converse shoes look that just screams 'I used to be cool in 2004'?
He is a goy, who is almost Jewish, but isn't and dating some Israeli.
The 'trying to be cool' pose he gave in the picture, which in truth gives me more ammo.
Or I could just be jealous that he is earning tonnes of cash for really doing nothing that exciting.

One of his fans did mention that he has 2 redeeming qualities -

1. He said that Gunsberg really knows his music (although I can't say that I know this for sure) and
2. at a day to help Tsunami victims, Gunsberg really put in the biggest effort out of anyone.

So well done for that Gunsberg.

Then this moron. I looked at him and I thought, "Where do I know this fuckwit from?"
Then I realised he is that fuckwit from Pedestrian fashion (this DVD magazine). He does all the street talk.

He is such an arrogant so and so.
However when I laughed at him right before this photo and said
"you're gonna get it on my blog"
, he got very upset.
One of those mini-celebrity-low-self-esteem-with-many-insecurities types. A real tool.

Overall it was a good night had by all. More people would have been able to come had others not been so selfish and hoarded tickets!

*as in bad smelling


Dot Co Dot Il said...

Nice nail polish :)

Eb said...

All I have to say is "A hickey from Kenicky is like a hallmark card". And I mean that sincerely.

business voodoo said...

awe ... i had to go there ... i used to respect wikipedia ... sounds like something from the publicist ... wonder if he's really a vegan.
cheers ...
peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

quoting from wikipedia ...

"In addition to his passion for music, Andrew demonstrates a genuine love of people. Despite his frequent contact with high-profile world-famous celebrities with Channel [V], he maintains enthusiasm and humility in dealing with everyone he meets.

Andrew maintains his own Official Blog where he openly expresses himself. He is a keen wordsmith and avidly enjoys Scrabble, subscribing to Scrabble websites, and even taking his own board when he travels. [5] He makes a point of the importance of correct spelling [6], and even includes appropriate diacritics in his blog.

In addition, Andrew enjoys skateboarding, surfing, snow-boarding and poker. He also writes and records his own music at home and plays the theremin. He is also a practicing vegan."

Goofunk said...

"Or I could just be jealous that he is earning tonnes of cash for really doing nothing that exciting"

Is the amount of money one makes directly reflected in the amount of excitement one does??

And I really have no idea who this guy is, but he looks like a tool.