Sunday, October 22, 2006

An enjoyable weekend

This weekend was quite busy. Quite frantic. I don't like it like this so much. Shabbat wasn't as do nothing as it usually is. There was a lot of walking and moving around.

Friday night
Went to this dinner at central. The ex chief of Mossad spoke. He was so switched on, so smart. He had that type of dry humour that I just love. The kind when someone asks you a dumb question and the subtext of the response has "fuck off" ringing out from every inflection within the tone and content of the answer. Loved it.
I had to mind half a table at the dinner. A traumatic experience. I managed to get inside the room quite early, undressed to mind a couple of seats and then these nerds just plonk themselves down, directly across from me. The pressure was on. I told them I'm minding seats, but they have that 'get stuffed' nerd mentality of being at the bottom of the pile and needing to fight for their rights (I don't have anything against nerds, I really like them ask anyone how much I love nerds). They tell me "we'll see who gets here first." The bitchy nerd tells me that there are seven of them, I say sorry, need 6, at a table of 12, and I was there first.
Whatever..... in the end, I won. One of my crew was very late, I thought she wouldn't pitch. It could have been that embarrassing situation where you mind a seat and then the person never shows. The nerds kept asking me are you sure someone is coming, blah blah blah. I just said to them: "Well, why would I mind a seat for no one? You aren't that much of a nerd that I have a problem sitting next to you. "

In the end she came and I survived sans embarrassment.

I had to walk to my parents place in the freezing cold weather. Dumb me thought I would be ok in a flimsy cardigan. Blue toes later, I made it there ok. All my family was there for my Dad's 60th birthday. I got him the best present- the last 2 seasons of West Wing. You could actually see him salivate over it as he opened the packaging. He was like an excited little boy for the next few hours after that. I'm buying the best presents lately. It's like I know exactly what you need and I'm bang on the money.
I also played with my little cousins. Around 5 and 3. They are lots of fun. They wore me out. They totally liked me. I got "I want to sit next to Debbie" and at the end they didn't want to go, they wanted me to keep playing with them and they wanted me to babysit. Don't really do that babysitting thing so often anymore... but if they keep me entertained, I'm happy. Plus there was also automatic lap-on (code for sitting on lap, not some dance they do at dancers). You know the deal is closed when that happens.

Saturday night
Nic's birthday at the Beauchamp (pronounced Beach-Ump would you believe?).
Great night.
Lots of drinks.
A ban was lifted.
Met John Foreman. Greenfield saw him and said that this dude looks like John Foreman. So I tap him on the shoulder:
"You know, you look very much like John Fore.... and that's because you ARE John Foreman."

I told him about that whole Andrew G Palaver (it's getting real tired now, but it seems it just won't die). I told little Johnny (he is teeny) to tell Andrew G I'm sorry. I don't hate him that much. I don't even really know him to be honest- he is just too easy to take a stab at.
Funniest part was when I whisper to Jacqui "I have to stand up and see how this pans out" and I towered over the little shrimp. Fun night.

Eb moved in. The family came with her to see she got off to a good start ok. It seemed things went well. I showed her how to be Kosher. I showed her the cool stuff at Franklins. It looks like things are going to be mighty fun and I will be saving heaps on my phone bill.
Also went out again for my Dad's birthday.... with exactly the same people who were at us on Shabbat lunch. I had a steak. I like meat. There was a crazy bar mitzvah next door. The kids were making a ruckus. I let them know my disappointment at their behaviour. Not worth the story however.

Oh- and's back on. Seems the waiter who used to be at Red Tomato keeps popping up all over the kosher restaurants in town. He now works at Eliza's. He's like Abba's homo doppelganger. Look at those glasses! TG for mobile camera phones.

And this morning
I was sent a little link- these cute little animations. Great backing tracks.
The best part was realising I'm watching streets of Israel. Cute little movies.
He has other shizz too. Check them out.

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