Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Why is it that the girl always gets the blame?

Last night, I signed my new lease for my apartment.
My flatmate signed it when we first moved in, and since he is moving out, it just transferred to me.

When we first moved in, we told the landlord we were going out. We were a couple. We just thought it would make things a little easier. She wouldn't think there were any wild parties happening and we would just appear more dependable. Not like we aren't, it would just be easier on her assumptions. We all know how middle aged jewish women let their minds run ahead of them (please God don't let me turn out like that....)

Now, my lovely flatmate has been able to buy a place. There is no question of whether I'm jealous or not. He is moving out, I'll miss all 30 minutes I spent with him each week and I know he and his partner will be very happy there.

The punchline- as I was signing the lease last night, the landlord says to me:
"I'm sorry things didn't work out between you and Simon. Let whatever bad energies that are in here, just let them go. Let them go. I'm sure it's hard that he is moving on, but you'll get through it."

Silly cow. She just assumes that he dumped me! Why is it that the girl gets the flak???
I didn't say anything on the contrary, because she has a habit of opening her mouth and not stopping. She already thinks I'm argumentative because I got upset when she wanted to raise the rent. Who wouldn't? It's not like we are totally moving out. It's pretty much the same tenancy.

I just asked her if I look unhappy. I actually feel pretty good these days, you know, the pre-Summer promise and all. She told me I didn't look too good, I actually look a little stressed.

I know I need a massage, but I still can't believe there was no actual dumping and automatically the dumpee was me!

Damn all you Sex and the City type images of women. I am not desperate, I am not dependent on a man and having a man in my life won't make me more of a person than I already am. Why oh why must people continue to act like Mrs Gladys Kravitz style morons?


Anonymous said...

mmmhhh.... Deb, if he is moving out... isn't it obvious that he dumped you? Otherwise you would be the one moving out... :)
I have to debate this one with you...
you comin' shabath prayers with me to a new Karlibach minyan? Miriam is organising it with Ariel, very small and intimate. We can go to central dinner from there.

Wisey said...

From what I know, she has no knowledge that he bought a place.

Why is it not plausible for me to have kicked him out????