Monday, December 03, 2007

Back from reality

I've taken a break from this virtual world for a bit. NYC is a little bit crazy, time kind of escapes you.
I do have all these blog entries floating around my head involving:
  • The time a taxi driver called me a mother fucker
  • The time some doof kicked my shoe off on to the street
  • The time I lost my debit card and my last $20 lasted me a whole weekend because I kept on getting stuff for free (the above three were all in one weekend)
  • Photos of my apartment and where I live
  • The time I helped Mischa Barton and her dog
But, I am amazed at my blog hits. Simply because I have mentioned various pop culture topics such as
My stats have skyrocketed. I have to do more of this pop culture referencing!

All those other posts, I'll make it my mission to accomplish this week.

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