Friday, September 22, 2006

My week of free stuff (last week)

My first premiere wasn't all it cracked up to be.
We got to walk down the red carpet, I got free posters, giant sneaker keyrings (basically a sneaker on a keyring) and when I wanted the Spark plugs, the chick from Hooters looked at me like I was insane and wouldn't give me them!

We were trying to wait in the lobby so we could talk to Will and John. They kept herding people away. So we got in the longest line ever for the Candybar. No intention to buy anything, I just wanted to hang.
Once they caught on to us jumping from back of the line to back of the line, we went to hide in that lolly arcade. We pretended to fil up the bag with sweets. Every time the manager came over we had to look busy. It was so silly.

I went through huge conflicts. First it was getting in the longest queue deliberately. So very unlike me. Then it was going for a seat or waiting for Will? Do I go upstairs to get a seat? Waiting for Will Ferrell who I probably wouldn't be able to talk to, would mean I miss out on a good seat for the movie. What to do?

And I strangely felt so naughty hiding in the lolly arcade. We would have hid in the toilets, but those George St cinemas are so disgusting.

We finally got caught and got shooed upstairs. We're walking into the nice, D grad celeb filled cinema and they tell us to piss off. We're in the cinema for all the plebs!

We went in. Will came in. John came in. We shouted at him to sing Mr Cellophane but he didn't hear. It was pretty much a non event. Anchorman was so much funnier. I was reading a review on the weekend and they gave it 4 stars?? Can't believe it. A case of peer pressure if I've ever seen one.

Other free stuff was that ring from JCA. And I still haven't heard back on my exchange...
And WHO magazine gave me the first season of Entourage. Not bad in a day's work!
When I'm done with that, I'll be selling that on eBay.

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