Sunday, September 24, 2006

The high holy day shule experience

I don't know why, but there is nothing better than telling someone that they are sitting in your seat on Rosh Hashana, or Yom Kippur.

I don't where the gratification comes from in telling someone to vacate, but I can clearly remember walking up the stairs on Day1/Day 2 and hoping for someone to be there. Wierd... it's like some elitest mind trip.

Unfortunately there was no one in my seat. Or fortunately, I can't tell.
But I was surrounded by very talkative hungarian old ladies. One look from mine evil eye, with eyebrow raised and they were hushed into silence. Pure power.
It also comes from being the page helper. I'm the one in my section who always knows what page were on.

The worst thing on chag, is trying to get out of shule once it's all over. I don't know why people persist to stand in the aisles and not actually move. I tried some tactic- move closer to someone so they get the hint and MOVE...didn't really work and when she decided to backtrack and literally step under me, I apologised. You know, that sort of reverse/sarcastic/unbelievable apology? And what does she do??????? She tells me i'm OK! Last time I'm pulling that apology.

All in all was a good RH. I managed to work on the tan inbetween eating and praying and everyone who supplied me with mags for the lockdown, I'm very appreciative.

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