Friday, September 22, 2006

Well it's started hasn't it?

It's Rosh Hashana this weekend.

My inbox is full of group Shana Tova messages.
My phone keeps beeping for texts (and it's a shit beep, I have that old phone).

They are all shitty blanket group emails or blanket text messages from people wishing the whole freaking world their Shana Tova wishes.

Is it a guilt thing? The thought process goes something like this:
"I can't possibly speak to you all, but hey, you're in my phone/address book for a reason, let's send everyone a blanket text to know that I still exist."

I don't want them. I find them totally pointless.
Isn't Rosh Hashana meant to be about really reflecting on your year. Looking at your growth, your relationships and connections with people and properly assessing all of the above?
These blanket sentiments just don't cut it. They actually make me feel ill.

I admit I used to do it too, but my year away was a long time ago. I'm not about making fairy floss dreams and shiny happy people anymore. If you want to write me a message, if you want to make it a nice new year, make it sincere, make it mean something. Otherwise, I'd rather you didn't...

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