Monday, July 31, 2006

Blogging Vanity

I know I've been quiet for a while. Sorry.
I have a lot of posts floating around my head and not only is it hard to find the time to blog these days, I have to choose which has priority over the others.

This one is going to be a 3 parter methinks.

Blogging Vanity
A new term I have devised. After the recent run ins with Killoggs I realised they Googled me to get to me. I feel it's a tad vain to google yourself or your blog into Google and see what you get. Partnered with doing this in Technorati, sitemeters, blogshares, comment counters and whatever else is out there it all seems people are wrapped up in their blogs in a manner close to obsession.
People are even dreaming about what to post. I take my camera out with me in the hope that something cool will happen and I can blog it (in the meantime I am getting a rad collection of photos).
The level of discussion that goes into blogs is getting a little scary too. The sad part is, it's really only our demographic that is blogging. I've seen the stats. Not many other social groups have the same excitement for blogs as we do. I have to stop and realise that people aren't strange if they have never heard of the term 'blogging'. Because, gee, it's only been around for about , what? -12 years!

Patterned + colourful stockings are foul and an ad is giving me nightmares.

Again, I apologise for these sins before our eyes. This visual abuse. Further to the wedge debate, I have realised the obsession with patterned stockings is one of horror and error. The horror is almost that of that Quit ad for smoking. That woman with mouth cancer is giving me nightmares. If it comes on, I have to leave the room. It reminds me of when I was younger and got scared of scary movies, so I stopped watching them. The other week, some clever person wanted me to watch The Ring with them because it's that scary (in a good way??). They didn't understand when I said no 500 times, that no, I really did not want to watch it and subject myself to it.
This ad is also on so early, around 7pm. Kids have to be getting scared of this. A good tactic I suppose.
Putting this pic here means I won't be coming back to my blog until there are enough posts to get this image off the front page

So the horror of that, links to the horror of stockings. Mismatching is cool is some arenas. But these stockings are just foul. Almost any patterned stocking does not work. The only pair that is almost fine, is the zebra pair. There is nothing more that I can say except that the others just look like mistakes. They are mistakes. Just because you hear some person, or read some article about "what's hot right now" doesn't mean that they are ok to wear.

Microsoft has a stab at their own MP3 player- The Zune
Ok. Big Mistake with that name.

"What is that?"
"Oh that. That's my new Zune"

It just sounds completely wrong. A shocking combination of Zen and iTunes. Good work marketing buffs. You have really nailed this one. Can't wait to see the ads when they come out. What will you choose instead of Jet's Are you gonna be my Girl?
Wolfomother's Mother?

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