Thursday, July 27, 2006

How Jon Hillcock made my day

At work, a few of us have gotten into listening to X-FM.
It airs out of the UK, so when we listen it's from Midnight to 6am.
The DJ- Jon Hillcock plays some pretty good tunes. You should listen.

Anyway, Jon does shout outs if you email him. Eb asked me if I wanted him to do a shout out, of course I say yes.
Then we wait, and I'm getting all excited when it comes to the shout out part and he only mentions Eb!

You know that feeling when you are 100% expecting something to happen and it doesn't? It was like the rug was pulled out from under my feet! I was really disoriented.

I took action- I wrote to all parties involved:

Subject: I lost my thrill from Blueberry Hill

So Eb says to me "You want me to get that guy from X-fm to do shout outs for us?"

And I get all excited and exclaim "Yeah. Yeah! That would be great. Do it."

So she CCs me on this email, then we hear you do shout outs and I'm excited with anticipation and all happy about the music that you play, because, it's just great.
But then all sad that you didn't include me on the shout out with Eb...

Much love,

Sad Wisey.

Then he says: I just got a very funny email from Wisey in Australia. I'll be reading it out after the next song.

Song finishes, he sets up the email then reads it out in this crap Australian accent and then all these people (a total of 4) write in to him telling him he was either crap or good.

Then he was all worried that I may be British!

Who the fuck cares?! Some dude on the other side of the world thinks I'm funny. He dedicated a song to us (Goodbye penny) and my thrill has been found again!

Oh so easy to make me happy!


Anonymous said...

I 'the fuck' care, man!

Thanks for blogging this though, I am truly honoured (despite having acquired the not inconsiderable status of 'Some Dude'.)

Do you do ANY work at all???
Jonny H'cock x

Anonymous said...

ps. thanks for biggin' up the show (gwan!) x

the boss of nathan said...

Hi Wisey, I'm impressed you're listening to Xfm all way over there. Like your blog.