Thursday, July 20, 2006

Welcome Killoggers

Hello Killoggers.

So, you've found me.

But, Bendy has known for a while. I'm one of his top 30 referrals methinks. It's pretty strange. Also pretty awkward.

That thing you saw happened a long time ago. I've grown up a lot since then. I'm more confident in my blogging abilities. I'm also not so scared of you guys. I know that you're quite chic-geek-cool over there in your global blogging community and when various losers try to participate and connect with you guys, you shut 'em down. I've seen people do it, I've looked on in horror, knowing what's about to happen.

I don't look at Killoggs as much as I used to. But once upon a time, you were a great source for wierd news and cool shite going on in your lives. I dreamed about being let in, but since then, I've moved on.

I think you've almost become what you despise. The picking on others who are excited enough to just want to participate in a community as virtual and as tight knit as yours... I can't and no I won't be a a part of that.

But, hi. And Bendy, keep up the good work. Marty, Eb, Fern and I are loving them. Even some of the new recruits.

Also, also. Go check out my mog. Great post there from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

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