Sunday, July 02, 2006

Besides other things, an Apostrophe Catastrophe

A great weekend this week. Very relaxing and almost fully recovered from my bout of the flu.
It's not a question of the fact that flu actually keeps me in bed. I just don't want to be coughing, spluttering and sneezing over everyone. I had tissues all over the place and when you're sick, you don't care if a booger is hanging out of your nose. I just didn't want to make other people feel uncomfortable if they saw me with a booger hanging out of my nose.

One day I did get totally bored and ventured out to the shops, but it wore me out. Plus, not many people could understand me and I had a booger hanging out of my nose. It made them uncomfortable.

Now for the weekend. I learned how to play chess. I love it. I'm not good yet, but I'm learning and have the potential to give you a run for your money even if, ultimately, you will absolutely cane me. I will now officially accept challenges...

I also hate the fact that I cannot fall asleep in front of the TV, or a movie at the cinema, or a show at the theatre, or whatever. I will not allow myself to succumb to the wave of sleep. I don't know why, I just can't do it. So I always manage to witness this type of situation:

However, know that if I'm around, I will put a blanket over you when I go to bed and remove your glasses so they don't squash your face. The movie we watched- Family Guy, was funny. These guys don't know what they missed out on (although it's very lonely to laugh at a movie by yourself).

And one more time for the Grammar police. There is this butcher (not only of meat it seems) in the Blue Mountains. It seems he subscribes to every apostrophe possibility. I just thought about poor apostrophes! What about them? What about the continual abuse, misuse and identity crises that they suffer from because of the ignorance of the common public? Someone should take a stand for apostrophes. One thing is certain, it isn't going to be me! Maybe I'll write to that guy again who I asked to save JieJie's third arm. He didn't help much, but it was worth a try. Apparently Gunsberg has a love for apostrophes, I'll try him.

And congrats to Eb who made it into S. Smallest picture on the page, but may things just go from strength to strength from here on in.

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Eb said...

We certainly celebrated the new Fiscal year in style!