Sunday, July 02, 2006

Goodbye Handbag

My good friend, Handbag, is leaving!
He is going back to the States.

We're having a 4th of July party for him tomorrow night at Ben's place. Even nemeses are allowed!
Let me know if you want to make it and I'll give you details.

All in all, the presence of Josh has been great value. He's always up for a big night and knows how to work the scene pretty well. I've learned some valuable lessons from Handbag.

In honour of the Handbag- this is my most favouritest bag in the world right now.

Why is he called Handbag? Well, you'll just have to come tomorrow night to find out!

1 comment:

RONIx said...

speaking of handbags....
it was great getting to know you handbag!