Sunday, January 29, 2006

Detox and rehab but not by choice.

You little fuckers. This is the parasite that got me.

This is the last time I eat a bloody sumo salad.
I used a beautiful weekend, a public holiday and a day off all in bed! A fucking waste.

I have never been so sick in my life (well, I lie- there was that time where my glands were as big as a golfballs and I couldn’t talk at all).
I had these excruciating stomach cramps, I couldn’t walk, couldn’t eat, had cold chills and it hurt. Appendicitis was a consideration.

The worst part is, every time I'm sick the doctor refuses to give me drugs! Last time, when I had the big glands thing, I told the Doctor, who happened to be my uncle "I don't fucking care if it's a placebo or antibiotics, just give me drugs." I got better as soon as I took whatever he gave me. And yeah I may be the kid that likes the challenge, but if I'm in agony and a nurofen don't work, I clealrly need something stronger.

The only consolation was that I watched about 10 movies that I had been meaning to watch. Lots of them shit.

I feel like at the moment I’m on perpetual sick duty- and I’m meant to never be sick.

It started with the fall down the stairs of the big bruise and since then things have not been the same. My neck is out of whack, and I get headaches, I had the flu last week, my back is all tight because I haven’t done pilates in ages and then this stupid viral infection thing.

I’m so tired of being sick.

The one thing out of these last four days is that I couldn’t drink alcohol, couldn’t eat any sugary/rich foods and I didn’t have to deal with anyone who has been giving me tzoros or making me broiges*! I got to think about shit that I haven’t been wanting to deal with and I am yet to get on the scales and see what the final forecast is.

I just want to be off perpetual sick.

*Yiddish words. See me if you need some definitions.

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Big Brother said...

Refuah Shlemah!

Hope you get better soon.