Monday, January 02, 2006

Summer Round Up

Here it is.

Here is the Summer entry that you have all been waiting for. Unfortunately I only kept record with photos, instead of words, which I should have- so I have forgotten tonnes of good stuff.

But- there was lots of beach, a different ‘kini every day, lots of laughs, craziness and my favourite of all favourites- randomness.

Taking a bashing
First things first- my bitchin’ bruise. Looks hot and this is only a quarter (I swear) of what it was. It is now completely gone a mere 2 weeks later. Arnica cream is THE BOMB. Recommend it to anyone with a bruise. So much better than hirudoid. I got many a strange look on the beach when people saw my bruise. It was highly amusing. And my self confidence also took a bashing. I found it hard to sunbake lying on my stomach. So I am only caramel coloured on the front half of my body.

Beach visiting
All beaches in Sydney were frequented. My most favourite was and always will be redleaf. I am scared of waves and find sand extremely cumbersome. Reason I am scared of waves is the popping of the boob outside of afore mentioned ‘kini. I did it one summer and I will never do it again.
One hysterical day at Neilsen park there were many funny things witnessed:

The boat people
We were sitting on the sand at Neilsen Park- all the bitchy associates imaginable (excluding maybe one or two) and a boat decides to throw their anchor in, 20 metres out from the shore. These boat people get a dinghy thing (don’t know much about boats except that they’re fun and I don’t get seasick) and ride into shore. Funny thing is they also have no idea about boats. A kid is wearing a life jacket and the parent is holding on to them for dear life. When they go back out to the big boat to get everyone else, they can’t get the dinghy off the sand and they don’t want to get wet past their ankles either. Very funny. They eventually parked the dinghy on some rocks, rescuing the boat before it floated away to Neverland. They also managed to get tangled in the sharknets. Priceless.

Professor of sociology, physiology and sandcastle building
This is the funniest kid I have ever seen and I’ll probably get arrested for taking photos and video of him. He had the strangest haircut, a pommy accent and was just so brilliantly left of centre, he was gorgeous.
Probably funnier on the day and to those that were there- but I can just imagine him holding one hand on his pot belly and hanging his glasses out of his mouth talking about the theories of sandcastle building and the necessity to “…sprinkle some dry sand on the turrets and crenellations of the castle.”
What ten year old knows what the fuck crenellations are! A professor I tell you.

And as we were leaving the beach, we saw someone had written a note on someone's car. Here is a small excerpt:
"Hi, we're so sorry for a behaviour earlier. It was very unchristian at this time of year and considering the present climate in Sydney, we wish you a happy new year."


A friend said he went to WBJ (Westfields Bondi Junction) on erev Christmas just to watch the yoks got nuts doing their Christmas shopping: So little time, so much to do, so many queues to join. We kind of revel in the fact we don’t have to do that. But then I went shopping post Christmas. Don’t know why I go to the sales- it is usually so shit, but the parking lot stories are ALWAYS something to write home about. I can't write it here unfortunately, it's about my mother.
Although I did pick up some items I wanted from ages ago at half price so it wasn’t bad. But next year- no sales for me.

Family guy
So I finally, properly, met the dude who looks like the family guy’s Peter Griffin at this smashingly packed Chanuka party. Only problem was he wasn’t wearing his glasses, so the resemblance was lessened.
Someone who I have been telling for months about the-Peter-Griffin-resemblance also finally met him and was amazed at the similarity even without the glasses. When I finally introduced myself to him…he knows me, knows who I am, who my brother is, my name, my age, my star sign, my social security number, the shoes I wore last week and what I’m doing in 3 weeks time. So I’ve been stalking Peter Griffin, who has in fact been stalking me.
But kind of weird that he says he sees me on the ferry. I asked him why he never says hi. I don’t think I can take a photo of him now. But he kinda looks like this:

New Years
Well, I set myself up for a shit new years eve. I wished I had gone away- always better to do nothing away than at home. But…I had the most bitching new years ever. Fatboy Slim was unreal, the atmosphere was great, I was trashed. Hung out with all my friends…what better way to do it??
I would attach a picture of my viewpoint for a large portion of the evening…but I have a feeling it’s not such a good idea. But if you see me out and really want to see it, it’s on my camera- because as Rosen knows…I ALWAYS have my camera with me. It’s for the blog!...and I’ll probably put it on the other blog anyway ;)

This is the picture of sunset on new years day. "Hottest New Years Day on record" was probably mentioned at least 9 times, validly.

A beautiful, beautiful day and I got an even darker shade of caramel.

To the diehard blog fans.
I am a little amazed at the magnitude and frequency at the amount of people who looked at my blog over the past week. Thanks everyone. I hope you got some sun.

So, so far been a great summer. Sure there is something I forgot...but, who cares?
Can't get Olivia Olson's song out of my head- thanks Mendelsohn. Watched anchorman again, love that damn movie- and Trading places (love this one even more).

What better way to sign off....Looking good Louis...Feeling good Todd.

Here is to the rest of summer and the excitement at the arrival of the nieces!


Anonymous said...

"all I want for Christmas....."

Datingmaster, Jerusalem said...

it sounds like agreat life honey

gils said...

what about my bbq? wasn't that worth a mention?

Wisey said...

Hey gilly.... I did say I probably forgot something and your bbq was the "hottest New Year's Day on record."
Well, that's number 10!

Wisey said...

Oh, some things I forgot:
Going out one night and getting these guys to buy us drinks ALL night. I was totally smashed, only spent 10 bucks and only one of us returned the favour with a pash. 'Twas very embarrassing to see them again a few nights later. Boy, did they learn their lesson.

And...seeing the longest, slowest movie in the history of the world. We went in to the cinema on Thursday 29th December and ventured out post new years. Lucky we were watching the time, we only just missed the count down.