Monday, January 23, 2006

Site Meters and Tanning

A friend made a comment that:

"Blogging and looking on site meters to see how many people read what you write is a bit like trying to get a tan, you think you're doing really well until you see other people and then you feel a bit rubbish"

But the site meter has shown me some pretty interesting things. Things such as search strings!

The roundabout way people get to my site is hysterical. And usually my blog is in the top 5 or 6 search hits. It's pretty cool (although probably not as cool as people making typos to get to Gila's blog and getting 'kissing gils' and 'big gils').

Some of the entries have been:
Now this is wierd. Real wierd. Considering it came from an ISP in the U.S. An ISP from the 2nd Communications squad! I don't know where I have cubicle written in my blog, but I know there is calisthenics, but it did get me to thinking that maybe we should all be doing cubicle calisthenics at our desks and/or cubicles. If some guy in the military in the States needs to do it, it might not be such a bad idea!

chunka chunka chunka alien im video
Can't imagine what this could be. Some of the descriptions on the links are so bizarre. I have no idea what this one was looking for. And why enter "chunka" three times? Not a very good search tactic.

Looks like this happens to a lot of people...

Not bad, pretty obscure stuff

it's jerry time
Great website. If you haven't seen this, go watch.

open air cinema poncho 2006
Quite funny. But I dont know why you would want to find out about ponchos. THere horrible plastic things and you sweat in them and can't tell the difference between rain and sweat.

olivia olson's pictures
This is amusing, considering the song she sings gets a lot of talk. Maybe a little too much at times. I just hope the person researching that wasn't a pedophile

dj wisey
A dj wisey actually exists!

wisey australia
I can't believe my name has travelled so far and wide!

Others that aren't really that good...

...probably most of the others should move here too, but enough cutting and pasting for one day!

Other good stuff
This is probably better than my entire blog: everyone loves socks and sandals. This website is a gallery dedicated to those people who follow that trend.

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