Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Yes. If I wanted your help, I would have asked for it.

Why do people in this city do this?
Why do they seek the need to really and truly stick their nose in something, when really, no one asked, no one was wanting and to top it off- you've come in at a point, missed the story and again: no need.

Some incidences have occurred:

  • On the weekend, it was ridiculously hot. Wore the bikini/dress combo because it was seriously Changi Prisoner of War Camp HOT. So hot, that I even tucked my dress a little into my kini bottoms to make it a little shorter and hopefully cooler. Some nut makes every effort to get some other nut to tap me on the shoulder and get my attention. Bless her. She wanted to tell me my dress was tucked in my undies. "Lady", I say, "do you know how fucking hot it is?? This is deliberate."

  • Take 2: I went to see the Biennial at the Whitney. The shenanigans that day were very fun. Contemporary art is fucking boring unless you interact. I interacted to the point of reaching hyperactivity and hysteria. One piece was a book glued to the floor. The security on duty, was ON it. Really. I say to my friend " 'oly Shit. Someone has left a book on the floor and no one, like NO ONE, is picking it up. Disgusting."
    A dyke, from a pair of dykes, turns to me and says "Ummm, it's part of the exhibition". I do my non-sensical, are you 'fucked in the head', 'you're a butchy dyke aren't you?' look, wait a little and then go "....ohhh. Ok". Then do the eye moves and ask the guard if I could open it. He says to me, if I want to read it that I should go to the library and borrow it. Spunky, but annoying. Then he wanted to talk about Australia. Weird. Usually people think it's British. He was all round, impressive.

  • Gone to Macy's. NEVER go to Macy's. It's an awful place. I commented to my partner in crime that day, that Starbucks is the largest public toilet network in the world and that we just passed one of two in Macy's. She comments that Starbucks is visual abuse and where is there not a Starbucks? Some lady walking past shares with us that the Starbucks is right over in the corner behind us. WTF? I don't want to know. Did anyone ask you?

Interesting no? People like to go out of their way for useless information. For something you need....forget it.

Other highlights this week: Got totally drenched in a torrential storm after Death Cab for Cutie concert. Sweet. I say, better to get all wet than be half assed. It paid off. I even lost a thong (as in the shoe) running away from the eye of the storm...heavy duty.

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