Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Fucked up flat mates and such

When I first got to NY, I was pretty lucky. Awe-SOME flatmates, even if one thought her British accent was Australian and used the crackberry a little too much.

And after I decided that the UWS wasn't for me and began the search downtown, things started to get a little hazy. Potentials included....
  • A witch. Really. With feathers and candles and crap everywhere.
  • People listed "semi private alcoves" and Being John Malcovich style living
  • One sent me a fucking great email, I still have it:
    "I share a one bedroom with a friend. Rule is no sex in the apartment, well that was until I came home and found my roomie with my boyfriend, in bed together..."

And i've heard some fucking crazy stories from friends and their flatmates' habits
  • Doesn't clean out kitty litter and concurrently does not open any windows
  • Never leaves their room
  • Doesn't talk
  • Requests no interaction over the weekend

And it's not like anyone gives a shit. It's all about making your own rules and how it works for you even if it impacts another person in their own small living space. It is bizarre. No external consideration or respect.
I thought my own flatmate was having trouble with the 'adjustment period' in to our apartment. But now I know there is no understanding about how to live in a shared household. I don't care if she reads it, she is going to get it.
  • uses a roll of toilet paper A DAY! I work from home and use about 12 squares a day. I did a test the other week with 3 ppl. It took us 3 days to get through it! I don't know what the fuck she is doing with that thing. Was there some memo I missed? It must have been on the same memo as why girls spend so long in the toilet because I didn't get that one either!
  • Leaves crap in the sink, dishes all over the house, never wipes down the benchtops and just shit everywhere. Who the fuck does she think makes it disappear? Her mother doesn't come over and do it for her.
  • Lights on! Hey, we're in massive global warming and it's just a waste financially and again resourcefully!
  • Hair residual in the shower catchment thing. Fucking gross
  • And then there was one time she used my toothpaste. It would be completely ok if she asked, but she made sure she put it back in the same position that I had, but I knew, just knew she was using it through my own clever analysis.
    Moving on.
    During the using toothpaste period, she was ranting at how she knew her last flatmate was going into her room and taking/using stuff like her underwear (well, she wins on that one, that is insane). I decided to invent a story for her which basically implied don't use my toothpaste without asking: "Hey, it's ok if you're using my toothpaste, but I just want you to know that my dentist told me I should have my own toothpaste because I have this contagious bacterial condition on my gums"...I never got to do it, because finally she got her own. It would have been awesome.
The list is pretty extensive. I've been trying to have a family meeting for weeks but we're never home together. She is a little feisty so I expect some biting back. Watch this space for the outcome.

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