Monday, April 30, 2007

Why these awards are dumb

These Jib Awards are spastic.

First reason: The nominations
Every man and his dog could enter which is fine- but now there are lists of 20 blogs in one category. That's not cool. If I want to honestly vote for a blog I think is worth it, I have to spend tonnes of time trawling through shit to find the good ones. Which I actually doubt are in there.
Organisers made a fatal flaw in not filtering out the crap ones.

Second reason: It's purely a popularity contest
In addition a friend emailed me saying "ooh ooh ooh. Vote for me!" so now the whole thing is a popularity contest anyway- who has the most readers. You as may well just send in a screen shot from your site metre.
I thought they had a problem last year of people voting multiple times for the same entry. Looks like they didn't think beyond that issue in correcting the major faults of the award system. All they did was verify the "human" factor. I'm sure there is some bot that exists that generates the answers they are after.

And who is this committee anyway? What, they have an idea to do awards and that's it? Shouldn't they get some validation?

I see they want people to connect- but have a blog index with descriptors and synopses of each blog. That's a good list. Maybe categorise so people can find what they are after.
Each award should really only have about 5 nominations. Now it's just going to be a Facebook mode of communiqué, to get people to vote for you. Rubbish. Rubbish effort.

And before you even think it, it's been thunk... I'm not pissed I'm not nominated, I just wish people thought things through before going live.


Anonymous said...

gotta agree with you on this.

Calev said...


sorry you dont like the JIB awards (you sure its cos u werent nominated?)

I quite like them myself - they have almost doubled the amount of people that have visited my site and it just seems like a bit of fun...

and by the way, for anyone reading this, please vote 'In the Land of Milk and Honey'