Monday, February 26, 2007

A night at the arduous Oscars

Well. I don't know why I was ever into the Oscars. The whole thing is political and a schmoozing battle. The comedy is atrocious. In fact it isn't even comedy, it is torturous. It's so cheesy you cringe with every opening of the hosts mouth.
The only host that was ever funny in my mind, was Steve Martin. He was so crass and rude. It was fantastic. Right up my alley.

Gradually over the years, my excitement has waned. I'm still that annoying person who doesn't want to know who has won. I won't look at msn or yahoo all day. There is no safe risk.
It's so useless, because I only watch the last quarter of it anyway- the money end. There is still a thrill in not knowing.

But, this was just so drawn out and long winded. Even the dresses weren't that nice. They were all so bland. And there were the biggest bunch of nobodies in the crowd.
Since when does J Lo think she is somebody? Has she EVER been nominated for anything? When did she become Hollywood royalty? I just don't get it.

The silhouettes were fun. I'm guessing this is the new big thing. Being John Malkovich took puppets, the Academy awards takes shadow making. Some of it was pretty cool. I did expel an "ooh" and a couple of "aahs".

What was with the presentation of costumes? That chick in the red dress and the movement of her leg was disturbing. I wish I could find a video of it on Youtube.

And JHud. You are adorable. Beyonce, you are so silly. During song, you were more concerned with hairflicks than singing.

And the pièce de résistance? Would definitely have to be Judi Dench's photo appearing on screen for the best actress category. Where did they get that thing? Google?
I can tell you they did. Hear it is:

Couldn't they get a glamour shot or something?
(This was the best likeness I could find...)

You know Penelope Cruz looked so forlorn when she didn't win. I don't know why she cares so much, it's such bullshit.

Acadmey People: I hope you technorati this. I hope you look at all blog traffic, because you have turned this event into a mockery. Which I guess it is. It's time to reflect, think what your institution has become and remodel.

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