Monday, October 16, 2006

Happy birthday Nics!

Today a few of us took Nic out for a surprise birthday breakfast.
Through some clever orchestration, we got her boss to tell her she had a seminar. She needed to arrive at 7.15 for the bloody thing. I can tell you, I'm still tired!
We were a bit worried (well, it was just me really) at first because she was working all weekend on some huge case and I thought she may bail on the "seminar" to do more work.
Not the case.
She made it to Glass. A nice swanky restaraunt in the Hilton.
She was a little bewildered asking what we were doing there. Ally informed her that we were the seminar, and you know, "surprise"!
Had an awesome breakfast. We sat in a booth, I love booths. I want my house to have a booth.

I look like I need at least 12 hours more sleep

And then the waiter, Lalith, brought a little cupcake with a candle. That was fun. When Nic blew out the candle, we all knew what she wished for. It really wasn't that hard...

All in all a good breakfast. Good start to a birthday.
Now she is working late tonight. I commented that if I was her boyfriend, I'd organise to come to her office tonight and bring a picnic dinner. If you're interested, you better get on the case. There isn't much time.

And on the koolanoo crap:
Count is on- 70 views of my profile, 2 comments on my picture, 3 emails, and 10 more requests to add to the network. Although I may have alienated everyone. I wrote "If I don't actually know you, I don't want you on my network". So this may be the end of the requests.
But a warning, there are even Grandmothers on that website...I hope she doesn't pick you up for date!

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