Sunday, October 15, 2006

Could things get any worse? Jewish MySpace hits the town.

So, mySpace in my opinion, was over before it started.
The idea of kids getting on there, creating a popularity contest, causing a surge on excitement and enabling all the late majority and laggards to get on board.
It's already been referred to as "so 5 seconds ago". The same with podcasting. I knew that would never take off.

Now...there have been tonnes of niche social network sites created.
There is Livemansion which is a virtual community of people who are helping to create a movie called Live Mansion. People from the community will eventually star in it, write it, direct it, be tech crew in it. Sounds like the only people who will be seeing it will be the people involved and their friends. Not bad, already 700,000+ people are on it.

There's mog. The music network. This actually serves a purpose. I like it. Although I don't have much to write about anymore. And Tybees writes the best posts.

Now we have the Jewish myspace. Nice choice of name. It means "all of us" and in true jewish spirit there are some token asians on there.

So I wonder how long this will last? It will probably take off. I see what's going to happen- eventually it will just be a free JDate. Here is the end of that and all those other websites.

The ads are disgusting (here have low sound with that one, not really work safe, here), full of obvious sexual references. Thanks to the Israelis who made them. Always the same type of formula in their ads.

So, I've been a member on it for 1 hour. I already have 6 emails, 4 requests for friends and one random comment on my picture. Trust jews to be totally OCD.

There is even a little window for those who are "Koolanoo celebs". Basically in true mySpace style they are aiming to have the most 'friends' on their network. Pretty lame considering they will never contact more than 10 of those people.

Let's see how this little doozie goes.

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gili said...

Dear miss negativity.. MySpace is a dead concept? you must be drinking... 150 million pages say you're wrong. As for Koolanoo.. I happen to knopw the guy who started the site and though you may have some good comments, they are all cynicall and very "monday morning quarterback" - all about waht's bad or wrong.. As a jew I think htis site is a total 'mitsva' and if it brings Jews together that's great, cuz it's hard for us to connect otherwise... some of us are proud of our heritage you know.
I also get random messages from idiots sometimes, but that's not a reason to gun down an entire community. Anyway, hope you find the spiritual valor to grace the rest of us with your presence... whatever..
Gili, Israel