Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Oh happy, HAPPY day

Today in the mail, I received my long awaited Clickr!
A friend works at Lynx and I've been begging him for one for months.

The questions of all questions now...
Firstly- you wonder what got one click already?
Second- what in god's name am I going to start clicking for?

The choices are endless, the possibilities numerous.
It is going to be a fun Spring/Summer, this has made it even more fun. Not only will I be going out with my camera in tow everywhere I go, the Clickr will be making its appearance too.
Get acquainted now, you shall be seeing her out soon.

In other stuff...
Last week Katie R and I went to the Dolly Teen Choice Awards. I wasn't going to blog it because it was pretty lame, but the clickr post was so short I needed to supplement.

It wasn't that exciting. Grade G celebs. Lots of Big Brother people. There were fun pre drinks that lasted for 20 minutes before the bar went into lock down. We were basically forced to watch the awards because everyone knows when faced with being in an auditorium full of screaming girls, or being at an open bar, everyone chooses open bar!
I think I bitched about every presenter during the ENTIRE awards show. I don't think I stopped for 2 minutes. Except maybe when I went to the bathroom.
It's good I forgot my camera. Who knows what lowest lows I would have sunk to on that night.

And post. Forget after party. Bar was still in lockdown. I don't know where the afterparty was and no one told me because I'm not even a Grade G celebrity. So I went home and had another fight with a taxi driver which is happening more often that not these days.


Dot Co Dot Il said...

Fight with a taxi driver. Sounds interesting. What happened?

Anonymous said...

Ticker should count HOT BOYS

Eb said...

Where's my Goddamn clicker???

Wisey said...

You're away Eb Head!
You want duncan to post it to you in Europe?!