Wednesday, August 30, 2006

And Bing-O was his name-O

I don't know what the Australian obsession is with shortening words and then closing it off with "o".

For example we have:
Document --> Doco
Presentation --> Preso
Magazine --> Mago
Wine --> Vino
Reconciliation --> Reco
David --> Dave-o
Jacqui --> Jaco

and the other day, there was this new one to add to my collection
Balcony --> Balco

I swore I would never do it. Way too Yobb--O for me. But when you're working with yoks around you all day, Pres--O and Doc--O happen to slip themselves in.

I've failed.

I also swore when talking about work, I would never say "We've just done this", or, "We just got ourselves a new whatever."
It would always be "My work has..." or "Where I work, they've...", it's a more disassociative phrasing, a me vs them type of thing, don't get too attached, keep work life as seperate as possible.
I've slipped into that too.

I feel so ashamed.

On the lighter side of life, my brother and his wife gave birth to a baby girl this morning. Mazels all round!
Hello niece number 5!

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